40 Unofficial LSAT Logic Games for Extra Practice

Even MORE Practice Games Because You People Can't Get Enough

Look, I’m proud of you for studying so hard for the LSAT. I really am.

But do you have any idea how many emails I get every week that are some version of: 


Well, ask and ye shall receive!

I partnered with Alex, a fellow LSAT tutor, and he agreed to share 40 unofficial LSAT Logic Games that he wrote. These are questions specifically designed to give you some extra practice after you’ve finished the provided Logic Games, so be aware they’re not easy!

And, if you need them, we’re also offering in-depth explanations. These are great for showing you why the right answers were right and why the wrong ones were wrong.

Even if you absolutely kill these Logic Games (which I hope you do), it’s still really valuable to get the explanations because it helps you get in the mindset of the people who write the questions. Being able to think like a test-maker instead of a test-taker is one of the best weapons you can have in your LSAT arsenal.

40 Unofficial LSAT Logic Games for Extra Practice Cover

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40 Unofficial LSAT Logic Games + Explanations

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40 Unofficial LSAT Logic Games

Or get just the explanations for only $9.97 (less than 25 cents per explanation):

Explanations for 40 Unofficial LSAT Logic Games

Fun Facts:

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P.S. If you’re having second thoughts about buying these...I offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee. If FOR ANY REASON you don’t like 'em, just let me know, and I'll give you back all your money the very next day.

Steve "feeding your LSAT addiction" Schwartz

P.P.S. If you consider how much money you'll make from increasing your LSAT score and getting into a better law school...or getting more scholarship money...$29.94 is such a tiny drop in the bucket.