LSAT PrepTest 65, Game 2 Questions

LSAC has posted a few questions from PrepTest 65, Game 2 on its website.

So, if you don't yet have a copy of PrepTest 65 and want to complete a few questions from a Logic Game on that exam while you're at work or without your prep books, you can do so.

Note: Don't be put off by the fact that LSAC presents them as sample questions for a new standardized test called "The Assessment of Critical Reasoning for Lawyers (ACRL)." It seems that LSAC is simply repurposing previously-administered LSAT questions for a new exam it's offering abroad.

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  1. The ACRL is just another way of keeping the law profession looking like it does today. What a major league hustle. Can you buy stock in LSAC? Seems like a no lose investment.