Law School Application Process FAQ

LSAT Blog Law School Application Process FAQ
The LSAT Blog post contains links to many lists answering several law school application process FAQ.

Elisabeth Steele Hutchison, Director of Admissions at the William S. Richardson School of Law, compiled a TON of useful information to help you this admission cycle. Bookmark this page so you'll be able to easily access everything in the future.

Application Fee Waivers: Which law schools offer application fee waivers?

Deadlines & Dean's Letter Requirements: ​When is my application due? Does this school require a dean's letter from my undergraduate institution?

Decisions, Decisions​: When and how will I learn if I have been admitted to law school?

Establishing Residency: ​I am a non-resident. May I establish residency in your state while/by attending your state law school?

Summer Pre-Law Programs: ​​I am undergraduate student who is interested in exploring a career in law. What summer programs are available to me?

Accelerated Admissions & Accelerated Degree Programs: ​Which law schools offer accelerated admissions to prospective college students (ex., 3+3 programs) and accelerated degree programs to prospective law students (ex., 2-year JD programs, 3-year JD/MBA programs)?

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