LSAT Study Schedule Priorities

LSAT Study Schedule PrioritiesMy wife and I had our first child in March.

While it’s obviously been amazing in countless ways, the change also required BIG adjustments that could’ve massively derailed my work.

(Like losing my home office to make space for a nursery.)

Instead, the past year has surprisingly been my most productive to date.

3 things that made it possible:

1) Support from my wife.

2) Not being afraid to ask for help (even if that meant involving my mother-in-law…sigh)

3) Eliminating all obligations besides work and family

I knew the addition to my family meant I’d be making more adjustments than I could predict but —

I didn’t want it to stop me from achieving my goal of continuing to create free material better than other people’s paid courses.

So I removed everything from my schedule that didn’t make the cut.

And the lessons here translate to anything you’re doing, including LSAT prep:

Get support from friends and family. Tell them about your plans and —

(this one’s is especially important)

be RUTHLESS about excluding everything else.

Instead of trying to squeeze all the “little things” into my non-existent “free time,” I added them to my “avoid-at-all-costs” list —

So I could focus on the things that really matter.

And I recommend you do the same.

If LSAT prep is your top priority, enlist others to help you on your journey and have a “take-no-prisoners” approach.

Block off time on your calendar to make it happen and unapologetically say “no” to anything that stands in your way.

What’s your mission for the next year?


P.S. If my mother-in-law is reading this, I was just kidding about that “sigh” bit earlier.

Kind of.

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