What to do if law school + past experiences don’t match

In my last article, I showed you some ways to write a strong law school application essay for a particular school.

One technique I shared was using past experiences to show why you chose that particular school.
But what if your experiences don’t exactly line up with the idea of law school?

Let’s say you took science classes all throughout college, but you’ve recently decided you want to pursue a career in law?
It may seem difficult, but it’s still possible. You can make a connection between almost any college major and law school.

Instead of ignoring the fact that your college background in science doesn’t seem to support her decision to go into law, confront it head-on.
Although it’s commonly believed the two subjects aren’t closely related, you can show examples of ways in which they actually are (such as patent law). You can make an argument that seemingly opposing academic interests can actually assist a student in pursuing a single subject in the field of law.

It may seem like a challenging feat, but you can use the same method to draw connections between any two fields of study.
Still stumped? Get in touch with me, and we can chat more about it. If you’ve chosen a major that doesn’t have an obvious connection to your educational experiences, I’d love to help you do the same.

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P.S. If your college major does match up more closely with law school, congratulations! It will make your application essays that much easier. But make sure you review my law school admissions resources to help you ace your essays.

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