3PC Mastermind: A program for successful students who are ready to achieve the "Impossible"

Some students hire tutors for vague purposes like "teach me Logic Games" or "explain PrepTest 84, Game 1." To be honest, my career involved plenty of that sort of work in the early years.

But it got old fast. And I discovered early on that it wasn't what students really needed to succeed. To make the massive score increases that change the entire direction of your career - and your life.

Thing is, there are plenty of explanations out there. There are plenty of tutors out there who can, and will, explain them to you live, and if you want, they'll show you their "perfect" way to solve it. There are tutors who will teach you their entire curriculum start-to-finish and endlessly explain LSAT problems until their throats are sore.

That's not what I do.

In fact, I don't tutor, I coach.

And my coaching is different. I only work with highly-motivated students looking to make a powerful impact in their thinking - a total mindset makeover. The kind of change that will transform their lives - creating a ripple effect into law school and beyond.

I choose to work with high performers because if I can help them figure out what's holding them back, I can help them achieve massive score increases - and the kind of gains in understanding that will transform their thinking and change their lives. 

“I'm just checking in to give you a quick law school update. I will be attending Harvard Law in the fall. I just wanted to thank you again so much for your amazing coaching sessions. I know I wouldn't be in the position I am today without all of your help. 
- Amanda L., 160 to 172

"After my first session with Steve, I felt better and began scoring in the 167 – 169 range...A miserable few weeks later, I got my score back; 170. I was thrilled to have set a goal and reached it, and felt more secure for law school. I give much credit to Steve for his guidance and advice." 
- Peter J., 160 to 170

These kinds of transformations don't happen overnight. And they don't come easy. You'll work harder than you ever have, and you'll achieve more than you ever dreamed possible.

But you'll have to put in the work.

After all, if you're not willing to make a significant investment in yourself, how can you truly improve and achieve your goals? 

My coaching is not for everyone.  It requires dedication and discipline.

My students and I work together intensively, and their lives transform. 

I work by invitation and referral only, and my LSAT coaching is a serious financial investment.

But this opportunity will cost you more than just money. You must be ready to invest your time and energy. You must be ready to commit to this process and make it such a powerful force in your life that it will allow you to achieve incredible results like Amanda above and many many others. The kind of change that has a lasting impact into law school and beyond.

While it's hard to go it alone, getting the help that leads to massive transformations will require more than you ever imagined.

That's why I created the 3PC Mastermind (aka The 3 Percent Club)A community of the top 3% of students.

3PC is a highly-curated mastermind of extraordinary students determined to score in the top 3% of test-takers and break into the 170s. 

Your peers.


I founded this community because when you're seeking to accomplish the "impossible," it's hard to do it alone. 

You see, back when I was studying for the LSAT, I'd camp out in the library alone for hours but never get as much done as I wanted to.

It was isolating and frustrating to not be able to talk with anyone else going through the same process.

Sure, there were online blogs and forums (where I spent way too much time procrastinating). But these weren't "real people." I never knew if I could really trust what they were saying.

A lot of them seemed to have bloated egos and make big claims about their massive score increases.

Sometimes I'd get so fed up that I'd just unplug from everything and focus on myself instead. After all, those other people didn't matter - they weren't "real."

But then I'd get discouraged when my scores didn't go up, feel like an idiot, and have no one to turn to. And I'd think to myself, maybe those Internet trolls aren't lying, and I'm the only one not getting it!

The library was a place I could get away from most distractions and get some work done. For the most part, I wasn't lonely as a student but I felt very alone. At the same time, I was confident that if I could just figure out the one thing holding me back from turning my knowledge into results, everything would change, and my score would skyrocket!

I've always said, "If you're the top performing student in the room, you're in the wrong room." That's why I created 3PC. It's the community I wish I had back when I was studying. I was ready to be surrounded by high performers who could challenge my thinking! 

Being a high performing student can be lonely—but it doesn't have to be that way. 3PC is a private mastermind of high performing students who hold each other accountable and keep each other moving forward.

After over 10 years of one-on-one coaching, this remains a rare opportunity to be coached directly by me.  Join an intimate hand-picked community of high-performing students and build the two most important skills you need to be a top-performer: (i) Deep Mastery, (ii) Confidence.

There's a reason many of the most successful students - and those with the biggest score increases - have been coached by me personally.

“I just wanted to let you know that I received my October test results, and I got a 170!!! I'm very happy and relieved. Again, thank you for all of your help- it was a huge gift to have your support and guidance while studying for the LSAT!”  
– Allison P., mid-150s to 170 

3PC is a powerful program that will change how you define what's possible for yourself. The program will be highly specialized and tailor-made for you, along with a community of accomplished and successful students. Many of you will become friends for life.

During our calls, you’ll learn to conquer your fears, squelch any limiting beliefs or self-doubt, and open the doors to high-level achievement. You’ll build your natural confidence so you can take the action necessary to achieve your dreams.

3PC is for you:

* if you know you have a long way to go but are ready to accept help in order to reach your goals.

* if you feel there's something missing/wrong and don't know what it is, but if you could figure that out, it'd be a game changer.

* if you feel like you make progress in one section, then slip in others when you switch your focus.

* if you feel like you're missing a structured program catered to your own individualized needs.

* if you feel burnt out and frustrated because it hasn't clicked yet despite how much prep you've done so far.

* if you want to strengthen your conceptual toolkit in such a way that it carries into your law school experience.

* if you want to feel more confident when taking practice tests.

* if you want your brain to take control over the LSAT by understanding everything perfectly.

How it works:

Each month, you'll experience personalized coaching with me, along with others in the community. Before each session, I'll ask you to send me a written report on your progress. You'll also be coached on your written responses in a private Facebook group, where you can stay connected and have high-quality conversations. 

During sessions, we'll explore the key roadblocks and obstacles holding you back. Together, we'll figure out how to overcome them so you can move forward. This is the place to come if you want to be challenged to go beyond your comfort zone and dream bigger than you've ever dreamed.

This highly-curated community is remains a unique opportunity to be coached directly by me as part of an LSAT mastermind.  

It's your chance to join an intimate group of high-performing students and build the skills you need to be a top-performer.

Previous students will tell you the 3PC LSAT Mastermind is worth at least ten times their investment. In fact, every single one doubled (or even tripled) their entire investment with a single scholarship offer. If your return on investment is not 10X then you're not giving it your all.

In 3PC, you'll discover what's holding you back and create exponential results. Former students have improved their scores 10-15 points, gotten tens of thousands of dollars in scholarship offers, and gained acceptance to T14 (even T5) law schools. What’s your biggest goal right now?

I want you to be 100% certain this is right for you before joining, so please reach out and ask any questions you have.

If you're ready to build the skills you need to become a top-performing student in an intimate group of peers, this is the place for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are you different?

* LSAT tutors usually parrot what they learned from a particular company, or they're only be able to work with a specific style. However, as a coach, my methodology is YOU. As we work together, I'll be your mentor, your guide, and your accountability partner. I'll look at the techniques YOU'RE using - because my goal is to help you deeply understand the test, instead of just copying someone else's strategies without knowing why they work. 

(And, yes, I'm familiar with all the major techniques and can adapt to whichever system you're using. And, with your permission, I can also show you the techniques I've developed for each section.) 

* Most tutors are "geniuses" who got top scores without much studying. It took a while before I was willing to admit this, but I actually started in the low 150s. I was only able to improve to 175 after studying every LSAT book I could find and every LSAT question ever released. I know what it's like to find the LSAT confusing because I've been there.

* I've written explanations for over 1,000 LSAT questions. This process allowed me to make connections between question-types and see the deeper patterns I was previously missing.

* I release 98% of my information for free. You can get my strategies for virtually every aspect of LSAT preparation, then decide if you'd like to work with me.

* Most tutors work temporarily before or during law school to make extra money. I've coached the LSAT full-time for over 10 years because I actually love it.

Where and how do we meet?

We'll meet online over video. Some have asked if online coaching is as effective as in-person. I’ve found it to be just as effective (if not more so). Also, with online coaching, there's no chance of showing up late or stressed due to the commute, and you can get help from the best coaches.

How many students are in the community?

Great question. I've never been a fan of classroom courses that involve anywhere from 35-70 students. I strongly believe the real breakthroughs - the massive mindset shifts that change everything - come from the personal interaction and dialogue that can only take place within a highly-curated community.

3PC is a community limited to 30 of the top 3% of students.


“After getting a 160, I contacted Steve with hesitation. It would be over the Internet, and I didn't know if he could properly convey his understanding of the material to me. To my benefit, I was pleasantly suprised. Steve is patient, creative, and holds a deep understanding of both the strategic and substantive aspects of the LSAT. I attribute much of my success to Steve's coaching and ability to focus on my weaknesses in approaching the various question types. 
Even though I reviewed more PrepTests for my first attempt than my second, my score jumped by 10 points to 170 with help from Steve. Thanks again!”  
- Nick B., 160 to 170

The sessions did wonders for my general confidence and competence with games: Steve could switch seamlessly from discussing the nitty-gritty of a specific game to talking about general high-level strategy.  
Being so close to the test, I think it was the latter that helped me most — In what order should I attempt the section? If it took me 11 minutes for this game, is that too long? Is this particular in/out question a new trick from LSAC bag, and how best should I prepare for it? I received a 173 on the October LSAT, and I definitely owe my success to a combination of the well-planned study schedule and our one-on-one sessions. 
My LSAT score has saved me $700 in merit-based application fee waivers alone (and I’m writing this even before I’ve heard back from any school about scholarships!).”  
- Aashim U., 165 to 173 

P.S. If you're not sure whether coaching is for you, keep in mind that you can start with one of my LSAT course packages, or use my free resources, and then, assuming you like my style, reach out. When you're ready, we'll talk. 

And your life will transform.


Steve J. Schwartz