Live LSAT Master Class

Live Online LSAT Master Class (Digital LSAT edition): A unique opportunity to be coached directly by me in a small group setting

I've experimented a LOT with the LSAT and my coaching over the years.

Here's a brief snapshot:

• I was your average student scoring in the low 150s. But I gradually fought my way up to a 175! (It took me a full year!)

• Then I was an LSAT tutor where I focused on explaining concepts and practice problems. I worked with students in libraries, coffee shops, and random peoples' apartments. And I drank a LOT of coffee.

• I taught LSAT prep classes at several universities around NYC and had a lot of fun doing it. But the larger the class size, the less impact I felt I was able to have on each student.

• So I stuck with tutoring - and whenever I wasn't tutoring, I obsessively devoted myself to my website and tried to write down everything I knew. I created articles, books, and courses. (Lately, I've focused on adding more to my YouTube channel and podcast.) 

• I slowly switched my focus from tutoring to coaching because I found that my students didn't need me for the fundamentals or explanations - you can get those elsewhere. Instead, I've decided to only work with highly-motivated students looking to make a powerful impact - a total mindset makeover. (For this reason, I now work by invitation and referral only for one-on-one coaching.)

• And last year, I created a small community of high-performing students as a group coaching "experiment." And based on the changes I've seen in our time together, along with post-LSAT reports, I can say it was been a huge success. The same is true of the first group of students in the Live Online LSAT Master Class.

Of course, students have to put in the time and effort, but my coaching works.

“After getting a 160, I contacted Steve with hesitation. It would be over the Internet, and I didn't know if he could properly convey his understanding of the material to me. To my benefit, I was pleasantly suprised. Steve is patient, creative, and holds a deep understanding of both the strategic and substantive aspects of the LSAT. I attribute much of my success to Steve's coaching and ability to focus on my weaknesses in approaching the various question types. 
Even though I reviewed more PrepTests for my first attempt than my second, my score jumped by 10 points to 170 with help from Steve. Thanks again!”  
- Nick B., 160 to 170

“I'm just checking in to give you a quick law school update. I will be attending Harvard Law in the fall. I just wanted to thank you again so much for your amazing coaching sessions. I know I wouldn't be in the position I am today without all of your help. 
- Amanda L., 160 to 172

So, in the lead-up to the Digital LSAT, I'm doing something even bigger -

I'm holding a NEW Live Online LSAT Master Class (Digital LSAT edition) focused specifically on prep for the Digital LSAT.

The Live Online LSAT Master Class is for you:

• if the practice material you've used thus far has been tailored to the original paper LSAT
 if you want to learn how to navigate through the rules and guidelines of the Digital LSAT
 if you want to be ready to knock the digital version (and the LSAT in general) out of the park

It's NOT for you: 

• if you're just starting your LSAT prep and looking for a general overview of every  question-type
• if you're taking the LSAT more than 6 months from now
• if you're looking for in-person instruction (this class is online)


As you can see from the syllabus below, this class is designed specifically to show you the best way to prep for this new version of the LSAT. And it's specifically tailored for those taking the LSAT this year.

Here are just some of the topics on the agenda for the Live Online LSAT Master Class (Digital LSAT edition):

-Digital LSAT Demo Walkthrough and Features (+ how to adjust your study routine with or without a tablet)

-Digital LSAT Logic Games Strategies (diagramming on scratch paper + how to deal with only seeing one Q at a time)

-Digital LSAT Logical Reasoning Approach (flagging questions, note-taking, + pacing)

-Digital LSAT Reading Comprehension Techniques (reading dense text on-screen, note-taking, + how to deal with only seeing one Q at a time)

-Digital LSAT Test Day Prep + Last-Minute Questions

When you join, you'll get access to all the videos from previous Live Online LSAT Master Class sessions. I've also released the first one on the LSAT Unplugged YouTube channel and podcast so you can see what it's like (published April 2, 2019).

And here's the complete syllabus for the 1st 10-session Live Online LSAT Master Class I held:

• 2019 LSAT Changes, the Digital LSAT, and Crafting Your LSAT Study Schedule 
• LSAT Logic Games (common mistakes and how to avoid them)
• LSAT Logical Reasoning (speed strategy and avoiding "quicksand")
• LSAT Reading Comprehension (proper note-taking and approach)
• How to Take Full-Length Timed PrepTests and Review
• Review of Recent LSAT PrepTest Questions (3 sessions)
• Final Week LSAT Test Day Prep + Last-Minute Questions
• Post-Test Discussion + Next Steps: Admissions and Retakes


In case you were wondering, you can clearly see and hear me, just like in all my videos:

Live Online LSAT Class with Steve Schwartz

And you can work through specific LSAT problems with me on-screen:

Live Online LSAT Master Class

All classes are recorded, so you can watch later if you miss one or want to review:

Live Online LSAT Master Class


And, like all my coaching, whether it's one-on-one or in small groups, the agenda is YOU. 

Some areas we'll definitely cover: 

•  strategies to get faster and help you understand why you're missing things

•  guidance to better understand the text and the questions

•  getting to a point where you feel no fear nor test anxiety

 you enjoy learning and find my resources valuable, and you want to prepare for the Digital LSAT directly from a professional who knows the exam inside out, then join the Live Online LSAT Master Class.

I'll be excited to connect with you and help you overcome the LSAT hurdles you're facing.

The Live Online LSAT Master Class is for you:

• if you have an above average capacity for sustained test preparation but don’t always let that shine through.

• if you feel intimidated by instructors who do not explain in detail the 'roadmap' of how to get to the right answer

• if you feel you have a very long way to go, but you're ready to accept help in order to reach your goals

It costs a minimum of $5,000 to work with me one-on-one. That's obviously a more in-depth option, and better if you can afford it...

But if you're just looking to get your questions answered in a group setting without making that big of a commitment, this Live Online LSAT Master Class is the perfect opportunity.

And while we'll focus on the above-listed topic for any given session, I'll still save time at the end to answer questions on other LSAT/admissions topics.

My coaching is for insight, not for time - because a single insight can change everything. Each session, like all my coaching, will go as long as it needs to.

And if you can't make a session, you'll get a copy of the recording the very next day.

"After my first session with Steve, I felt better and began scoring in the 167 – 169 range...A miserable few weeks later, I got my score back; 170. I was thrilled to have set a goal and reached it, and felt more secure for law school. I give much credit to Steve for his guidance and advice." 
- Peter J., 160 to 170

“I just wanted to let you know that I received my October test results, and I got a 170!!! I'm very happy and relieved. Again, thank you for all of your help- it was a huge gift to have your support and guidance while studying for the LSAT!”  
– Allison P., mid-150s to 170 

Frequently Asked Questions

How are you different?
•  LSAT tutors usually parrot what they learned from a particular company, or they're only be able to work with a specific style. However, as a coach, my methodology is YOU. As we work together, I'll be your mentor, your guide, and your accountability partner. I'll look at the techniques YOU'RE using - because my goal is to help you deeply understand the test, instead of just copying someone else's strategies without knowing why they work. 

(And, yes, I'm familiar with all the major techniques and can adapt to whichever system you're using. And, with your permission, I can also show you the techniques I've developed for each section.) 

•  Most tutors are "geniuses" who got top scores without much studying. It took a while before I was willing to admit this, but I actually started in the low 150s. I was only able to improve to 175 after studying every LSAT book I could find and every LSAT question ever released. I know what it's like to find the LSAT confusing because I've been there.

•  I've written explanations for over 1,000 LSAT questions. This process allowed me to make connections between question-types and see the deeper patterns I was previously missing.

• I release 98% of my information for free. You can get my strategies for virtually every aspect of LSAT preparation, then decide if you'd like to work with me.

• Most tutors work temporarily before or during law school to make extra money. I've coached the LSAT full-time for over 10 years because I actually love it.

Where and how do we meet?
We'll meet online via Zoom. Some have asked if online coaching is as effective as in-person. I’ve found it to be just as effective (if not more so). Also, with online coaching, there's no chance of showing up late or stressed due to the commute, and you can get help from the best coaches.

Still not convinced? Keep in mind that I'm offering the Live Online LSAT Master Class with a 100% money-back guarantee. 
LSAT Course Money Back Guarantee

Try the Live Online LSAT Master Class without risking a thing. If you put in the work and decide it's not for you, that's fine. You can cancel your membership anytime, and I'll give you a full and complete refund of your last month's enrollment.

I've made this literally risk-free to try.

Why would I offer a guarantee when I don't have to? I can offer this because I've rigorously tested my material with thousands of students. I know it works, and I want this to be a no-brainer for you.

Can't afford it?

Of course, LSAT prep is an investment, but I understand that not everyone can afford it, and I'm committed to helping everyone get into the law school of their dreams, regardless of financial situation.

So, if you can't afford the class, keep in mind that I give automatic 50% scholarships to anyone who submits verification of their LSAC fee waiver approval

I recommend contacting LSAC as soon as possible to begin the fee waiver process, since it can take several weeks to be approved. (Please note that "conditional approval" doesn't count.) After you're approved, just forward me LSAC's verification of your fee waiver approval. Once you take care of the 50% payment, I'll send you everything it contains.

I also offer a 50% scholarship for all active and former U.S. military personnel. In order to receive your scholarship, please email me with documentation.

And I also give a 10% scholarship for anyone who pledges to devote their career to public interest work. In order to get this one, just email me a sentence or two sharing what you plan to do after graduation. (I believe most people are good and won't try to take advantage.)


Remember, the Master Class is 100% risk-free. That means you can try it, then decide if it's right for you. If you don't love it, you can cancel anytime, and I'll refund 100% of your money for the month. But I'm confident this will help you improve your LSAT score and get into the law school of your dreams.

The sessions did wonders for my general confidence and competence with games: Steve could switch seamlessly from discussing the nitty-gritty of a specific game to talking about general high-level strategy.  
Being so close to the test, I think it was the latter that helped me most — In what order should I attempt the section? If it took me 11 minutes for this game, is that too long? Is this particular in/out question a new trick from LSAC bag, and how best should I prepare for it? I received a 173 on the October LSAT, and I definitely owe my success to a combination of the well-planned study schedule and our one-on-one sessions. 
My LSAT score has saved me $700 in merit-based application fee waivers alone (and I’m writing this even before I’ve heard back from any school about scholarships!).”  
- Aashim U., 165 to 173 

P.S. If you're not sure whether this class is for you, keep in mind that you can start with my free resources, and then, assuming you like my style, reach out. When you're ready, we'll talk. 

And your life will transform.


Steve J. Schwartz