LSAT PrepTest Explanations

LSAT explanations that show you WHY the wrong answers are wrong

The first time I looked at an LSAT answer key, I was baffled! Mystified! Shocked! I thought:
"There must be some kind of mistake."

Not because my first practice LSAT score was a flipping 152.

It had been painfully obvious that I had no clue how to do ANY of the Logic Games.

A bad score I could deal with. What really made my head spin was that were no explanations!!!

Turns out, the people who make the LSAT don't bother to write explanations for most of the exams:

LSAT PrepTest Explanations NOT

How are you supposed to increase your score if...

They don't tell you why the right answer's right and why the wrong ones are wrong???!!!

After A LOT of digging, I finally managed to find some explanations written by the big prep companies, but they weren’t any help. It seemed like they had two kinds of explanations:

1. So convoluted and overworked that I would start second guessing the answers I had gotten RIGHT.

Or, my personal (least) favorite -- 

2. "Duh, that one's just not right. It's out of scope."


WHY isn't it right? WHAT makes it out of scope? What I really needed were explanations that showed me: 

* the easiest way to get the right answer 

* WHY the right answer is right 

* WHY the others are wrong

So, over several (exhausting!) months, I finally wrote explanations for over 1,000 LSAT questions.

LSAT Blog PrepTest Explanations

These are the explanations I wished I had when I was studying.

And, because there are thousands and thousands of LSAT questions, I joined forces with other awesome LSAT tutors to write even more.

"Awesome! How do I get the explanations?"

Just grab the ones you'd like below.

(If the cart takes a while, give it time. It's working hard to add all the explanations!) 

Logic Games

19-28, 29-38, 52-61, 62-71, 72-77

Logical Reasoning (both sections)

1-6, 8, 17, 19-28, 29-38, 39-51, 52-61, 62-71, 72-77

Reading Comprehension

19-28, 29-38, 44-5152-6162-71, 72-77

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to get the questions separately?

Yes, in order to benefit from these, you MUST separately get the questions contained within the associated LSAT PrepTests. These do NOT include the actual LSAT questions.

What do the explanations contain?

These are detailed, step-by-step explanations for each question within that specific LSAT PrepTest section.

For Logic Games, they show you the set-ups, including how to diagram the rules, and how to create the full diagrams, 

For Logical Reasoning, they show you how to diagram using formal logic (if necessary) and how to approach the questions. Of course, they explain all the answer choices without just saying things like "out of scope."

For Reading Comprehension, they show you how to approach the passage and questions, and they explain all the answer choices.

Can I have a sample to see if they're any good?

Absolutely. LG. LR. RC.

Other stuff:

-These are PDFs available for instant download. You can use Adobe Reader to open the files. 

-The instant download link will be sent to whichever email address you submit.

P.S. The explanations paired with an LSAT course are a lethal combination.


Steve "never thought I'd write LSAT explanations, but here I am" Schwartz

P.P.S. If you consider how much money you'll make from increasing your LSAT score and getting into a better law school...or getting more scholarship money...this is such a tiny drop in the bucket.