How to Wait a Long Time for Your LSAT Score

How to Wait a Long Time for Your LSAT ScoreLSAT scores will come back in about 3 weeks.

Until then, how do you keep busy so you don't go crazy?

The following are a couple of random suggestions in no particular order:

-Take up a hobby like model trains or scrapbooking (kidding).

-Beat the Pac-Man game on Google without losing any lives.

-Catch up on all the current events you missed out on while studying.

-Catch up on TV shows.

-Catch up with friends.

-Exercise. I read the book "Born to Run" in March and it inspired me to take up long-distance running. I'm now training for a marathon. Exercise also really boosts your mood to get those endorphins flowing. I've found running to be very rewarding because you improve your ability to run long distances remarkably quickly (among other reasons, of course).

-If you're one of those people who just can't relax, you may want to research law schools, start thinking about your personal statement (also see these personal statement tips), and figure out what kind of LSAT score you'll need given your GPA. Law School Predictor is a great tool for this.

Read random websites. (See 7 Ways to Waste Time During LSAT Prep.)

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