LSAT Blog Update: June 2010 LSAT

LSAT Blog Update June 2010 LSATMany of you took the June 2010 LSAT earlier this week. Hope it went well!

Some other bloggers reported the following news:

Claire blasted Party and Bullshit in the USA while driving through the projects on the way home from her test center. She also wrote that many at her test center didn't do so hot:
One thing is for certain: I did better than the woman near me who ran out of the room screaming and crying during hour 4. And the 27 people who bailed out at the break!

Cushman passed the time by picturing everyone in suits (I thought you're supposed to picture everyone naked, but whatever):
I mean, since we were all there to take the LSAT, which is to get into law school, which produces lawyers who wear suits, I figured it’d be fun to see what everyone looked like in a suit.

Christian's Test Day featured several celebrities:

-Augustine of Hippo during breakfast
-Josh Ritter on the drive to Test Day
-Jesus, among working other miracles, helped Christian cheat (irony?)
-Bono joined all the others in an impromptu concert

Choice quote:
Jesus is in the desk next to me. He looks pretty calm, but I know deep down he would rather not take this test.

Elizabeth said:
I peed five times in the 30 minutes I had before starting the test.

Clay kept things in perspective with his religious beliefs:
who cares if I blow this test out of the water and get a 170-something or if I bomb it completely. As long as I wake up tomorrow and know that God loves me, is saving me, and I worship him with my life then anything else really is just....something else.

Greg took the LSAT the day after competing in a triathlon. Needless to say, he had a tough time doing both:
I'm not taking the LSAT the day after doing any race again.

Juan Diaz, the boxer, decided not to take it yet, having similar difficulties balancing his training with LSAT prep:
I wanted to make sure I was scoring a little higher than the average so if something was to go wrong on test day, I've already calculated those factors...I don't think I was prepared to the fullest capacity I could've been. I started training and working out, it started getting a little tougher.


How'd the big day go for you?

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  1. hard time erasing; didn't finish reading or games. Other than that it went well. if only my goals were lower.

    I don't think there exists a good reason to cancel something that'll be in the 160s, is there?

  2. Jason- same deal on my end...reading and games...ugh

  3. Tore up the road to the testing site which was in a different county. The 2 grandma proctors were nice, they gave me their desk because I had to be accommodated for being a "Lefty". It was so hot in the class room, the test was easier than the practice tests I had been committing suicide over in the previous months. At the end, the pouring rain gave great relief- IT WAS OVER!!! FCK IT!!!

  4. Hey Steve,
    I enjoy your posts and would greatly appreciate it if you stop by here: and give a short opinion. It would be greatly appreciated (actually sooner the better because the deadline is almost up).

  5. Studied 20-30 hours per week for months, numerous PTs completed, I got hosed on my accommodation (filing a complaint against the LSAC under the ADA) and one girl left after the 3rd section. Definately a hard test! Was not able to finish RC or LG (I am with ya Jason). I am pissed. yes, I should probably cancel my impending score, but with the lsac playing hardball with my disability, I am playing hardball right back. I am retaking the abuse in I know what to expect and to be honest, it was the fastest 4.5 hours of my life. I don't think any of us had time to think otherwise. I am taking 10 days off (decompress) and printing up your 4 month schedule and hitting it again.

  6. @Jason

    Depends upon your goals, GPA, and where you're applying.

    @Anonymous 4:38PM Eastern

    You took the desk away from grandma proctors?! Where's your common courtesy? Just kidding :) I think it's ridiculous that "Lefties" aren't guaranteed proper desks.


    Left a comment for you on TLS.


    Sorry to hear you have to take again. I know you've been prepping for a really long time. Get in touch if you need anything.

  7. @Steve

    I could be happy with a 160-level school, but I think I could do 170. kind of a mixed bag, so I might keep it. GPA is 3.6

  8. @Steve

    I appreciate your comment on TLS.
    Thank you for taking your time to do that

  9. I had the pre-LSAT week from hell:

    1. I found out my boyfriend of three years was out with some other guy AND I walked in on him in the act when I was going to surprise him by meeting up with him at the club for a drink;

    2. an argument ensued when he got home in front of several close friends;

    3. My lease ended that weekend, because we were supposed to be moving in together, so I had to move back in with my parents and crash on their couch;

    4. I couldn't find my LSAT study guides, because my things were strewn about the porch at 4 am, which meant they were throw into random garbage bags that I haven't been able to unpack as of yet; and

    5. My job just sucks.. Nonetheless, I think I did okay, but I wish I could have had a truly "normal," uneventful week before the big test.

  10. Finished all the sections but pretty low confidence in (at least) one of the logic games. I felt well prepared and I'm not sure that taking the test again would result in a higher score.
    I spoke with a few other test takers before and after the test and found out that I studied twice as much as anyone else - time well spent (I hope)!

  11. I wrote you in hysterics earlier this year after I received my scores. Well, maybe not that hysterical but I was upset. I ended up not taking the February LSAT and chose the June LSAT date instead.

    I am writing to thank you for your great blog. It was a tremendous tool in my preparation for the test in June. Of course, I didn't follow the 3-month schedule to a T but it did give me a sense of guidance. I felt a whole lot better walking out of the testing room on June 7 than I did last December. Or it could just be the sun. I don't know how well (or bad) I did, but it can't be any worse off than the first else there is really something wrong somewhere. I did get to finish all sections on time, though I did have to scramble a little towards the last passage of the RC section.

    One question: Do LSAC recycle questions in their tests? In particular, the logic games section...

    Also, I meant to submit an LSAT diary but I procrastinate too much. It will happen though.

  12. I think the test went well for the most part. I'm crossing my fingers that the second LR section was the experimental section, though. It's somewhat less common for the exp. section to be the first section on the test, right?

    I had to race to finish the RC section, but I felt good about everything else. I followed your 4-month study schedule, Steve, and I'm so grateful for the structure and guidance it (along with your blog) has given me. Thank you!

    June 25/28 can't arrive soon enough, but I'm glad to have my life back.

  13. @1st Anonymous on 6/11

    So sorry to hear about your terrible week. Impressed that you feel it went ok despite that. Good luck!


    Yep, most people don't study enough. Glad you studied a lot, and I hope it pays off (certainly can't hurt!).

    @2nd Anonymous 6/11

    Glad to hear the blog helped and that you feel good about this week's exam!

    LSAC certainly reuses the experimental sections on future exams. That's the only area where you may have seen something repeated on the June exam. They would not repeat a question from an already-released exam.

    Look forward to reading your LSAT diary!

    @Anonymous 6/12
    So glad you've enjoyed the blog!

    The experimental is traditionally any of the 1st 3.

  14. Well, I had a migraine headache when I woke up on June 7. Ughh. Took the test anyway. Do not feel too confident though...LG was tough for me but it always is...and one RC I totally didn't get...had to reread a bunch of times. 1/3 of class cancelled their score...I'm toughing it out though.
    Will probably retake in Oct. I am so honored and blessed that I actually got through the whole thing with a major headache...I think i was the oldest person there! So interesting...everyone with their ziploc baggies and power bars. Next time, I will bring more and better snacks. The preliminary stuff was interminable...It took about 3 hours just to get through all the instructions before the test actually was crazy.

  15. messed up LG had to cancel cuz i need 165+, thought LR was easy overall, RC a lil dense but not the hardest RC out there.... i need to get better strategy/plan of attack for LG so i dont make errors under pressure/time.

    When I dont mess up i get 169/172, when i do I get 159/162.

    Im gonna kill it in October tho ;) - pretty sure Im buying GROUPED LOGIC GAMES

  16. @Gina - sorry to hear about the migraine!

    @Anonymous - sorry you had to cancel. Here's more info on Logic Games Grouped by Type.