You Know You've Been Studying Too Much For The LSAT When...

LSAT Blog Studying Too Much For The LSAT WhenI posted this status update on LSAT Blog's Facebook Page last week. Many of you commented with your own jokes and experiences.

Here are some of my favorites:

"EVERYTHING you read or hear turns into a logical reasoning question. :P"

"You are asked to leave a wedding because you insist that Bob can't sit next to Nancy because Nancy can't sit next to Bob's sister. And you'll be damned if that rule is violated."

"You dissect your friend's argument and proceed to tell your friend how you could strengthen or weaken it."

"When you can't seem to separate yourself from it. When you are not doing it you feel weird, empty, like the earth stopped moving...............sike. I really can't wait to be done with it."

"I still wonder what it'll feel like to study too much for it! :D"

"You go through the TSA security line with silver-lined underwear, just to get some human contact with the outside world."


You know you've been studying too much for the LSAT when...

Leave a comment and let me know!


  1. you dream about it...sad I know but oh so true

  2. when you start enjoying reading comp passages...because that is just pure sinful.

  3. I totally agree with RC enjoying comment... What's wrong with me?!

  4. When you're excited to take the LSAT test-! T-minus 25 hours...what up from Cairo, Egypt!

  5. When you see the commercial on tv that says
    "Start improving your credit by getting $ 2500 in your checking account now!! :D:D:D
    It's not cheap, but there is no collateral!"
    What a stupid cheapfomercial!!!
    OMG!!! I am becoming a bastard cynical (almost lawyer like, jejeje)

  6. When all of your friends tell you, after you analyze all of their comments for inferences, assumptions, principles, reasoning, etc.:

    "Hurry up and take that f*cking LSAT already!"

    Me: "So, you're saying, IF I was done with the LSAT, THEN I wouldn't be so annoying?"

    Them: "Yes."

    Me: "So, if I am still annoying after Dec. 11, then I'm not done with the LSAT?"

    Them: "OhmyGod. Shut. Up."

    Me: "So IF I shut up, then... wait- where'd you go?"

  7. I was drinking ginger ale and read the statement on the bottle "Canada Dry Ginger Ale has a crisp, refreshing taste because it's made with 100% natural flavors, including real ginger," and thought, " Canada Dry wants me to infer that natural flavors and, especially, real ginger cause it to have crisp, refreshing taste? Which would obviously be an improper inference..." and then I proceeded to create my own LSAT question based on this statement, posted it on Facebook, and analyzed all of my friends' responses.

  8. During a massive snow storm we all got snowed in. I studied, then I caved. While playing a drinking game (Kings, Fauch, Circle of Death, pick a title) I started challenging rules. The eight card rules you select a date who has to do drink when you drink. It does NOT say that the person who drew the eight has to drink when their date drinks...launch into explaination of contrapositive then creating "new" rules based on who is sitting where at the table involving bathroom breaks and which hand they hold their cup.
    Guess how popular that was with everyone.

  9. as you fall asleep every night, you start solving logic games you've never dreamed of...or have you?! mwahahahahahahaha! (time to take the test!!!)

  10. I started studying two weeks ago and crammed all day every day. I couldn't sleep last night because my mind would start creating new LR questions and solving them against my will. In the car ride to the LSAT this morning, Pitbull came on the radio and it reminded me of the LSAt question with Puerto Rican families who speak english and spanish, ugh! So glad it is over.

  11. I was playing SUDOKU on my Blackberry the day after my LSAT and realized I was doing a HUMONGOUS LOGIC GAME QUESTION!

  12. When while reading a book, you find yourself underlining the conclusion of a parapgraph...

  13. ..while reading these comments you realize that there are, in fact, people you can finally relate to.

  14. ...when you receive a text message containing the words "last night" and misread it as "LSAT night."