LSAT PrepTest 64 (October 2011 LSAT) Available For PDF Download

LSAT Blog PrepTest 64 October 2011 LSAT PDF DownloadJust wanted to let everyone know that the October 2011 LSAT (LSAT PrepTest 64) is now available on!

See this list of all LSAT PrepTests.

It's the most recently released LSAT exam and necessary for anyone studying for December 2011 LSAT and beyond.


  1. Hey Steve,

    So I'm a bit confused. I took the exam in October, and I'm going to retake (bad test day, etc.). I downloaded the October exam just now because there was one awful logic game that plagued me during the exam, and I wanted to go through it again. However, the logic games in the test I just downloaded are not the games that I took in the Oct 2011 exam! Logic games were not the additional section, I know that can't be the reason. The writing section is the same, but the reading also looks different from what I remember. Why would that be?

  2. Hi Aimee,

    Sorry to hear the October test didn't go well for you.

    Perhaps you took it overseas, or on the Sabbath observers' test date? Those tests are not released. PrepTest 64 is the test administered in North America on October 1st.

  3. Hey Steve,

    I did, in fact, take it overseas. Are there really different tests for different parts of the world? I had no idea!

    Thanks for your reply!

  4. @Aimee - Yes, there really are different tests for those taking outside North America. LSAC doesn't want people communicate the content of it to others in vastly-different time zones.

    Glad to help!

  5. Steve,

    Huh, interesting. I currently live in Lebanon and my testing time was/is 2PM (which is an awful time to test); I figured that was to prevent any cheating across continents. But now I have no idea why!

    Thanks for all of your work, it's been a big help!

  6. Hi, I've read through quite a few entries on your blog, and would like some advice.

    I've taken the October 2011 LSAT just earlier this month without zero preparation to try my luck at it. Came out with a 154 and I'll be only applying to 1 school based on that.

    Considering retaking the LSAT to improve my score to possibly 170 and above. Is that realistic? And how much time lapse for preparation would you suggest before I take the next test?

    Just a bit of background, I work full time from 9am-7pm daily and majority of these days I'll be working overtime. So taking prep classes will be quite tough to fit into my schedule.

    Would appreciate any helpful suggestions.

    Thanks in advance!!!

  7. @Anonymous 10/29 - Since you didn't prepare before your 154, I'd say you have great potential for improvement to 170+. Given your schedule, allow several months and follow one of my LSAT study plans. I have many tips for those with busy work schedules

  8. Hi Steve,

    May I ask if people in different regions take different tests, how does the LSAC score our tests? Are they scored just within the region one takes the test or are they scored internationally?


  9. LSAC simply scores them based on the test form. If you're interested in how the raw score conversions work, please see the series of blog posts starting with The LSAT Curve: Test-Equating At LSAC.

  10. Hi Steve...

    Im getting confused...
    So State test and Korea test is different?
    I will be taking Decemer exam in 2011, and have been studying preptest from your purchase, there shouldnt be any problem right???


  11. Hi Kye,

    There's nothing for you to worry about - no problem at all.

    They're simply different test forms - different LSAT questions, but they're still the same *style* of question and everything, same question-types. It's like they're just different PrepTests.

    The North American version and overseas exams for any test date are only as different from each other as the released June 2011 LSAT (PrepTest 63) is from the October 2011 LSAT (PrepTest 64).

    Hope this clears things up!

  12. Hi Steve. Do you know when and if the 2011 October Sabbath Observer test will be released?

  13. ^^ those tests, like the February exams, are undisclosed.