Even More LSAT GIFs

Even more LSAT GIFs (see previous):

When given the choice between studying and drinking:

LSAT Blog Choosing Coffee Studying Drinking Bar-hopping

What I'll do on Test Day if my scores don't increase:

When I meet the people who write the LSAT:

When I first heard the June LSAT's on a Monday:

On Test Day, when the proctor says "you may begin":

When I finally finish the LSAT on Test Day:


  1. I can totally see myself in the skin of that cat )) I hope I'm not going to start laughing this Monday when I hear these words!

  2. I love these GIFs. Oh, and I prefer Vodka.

    1. I love vodka as well! I will be taking a shot of that after my test day in Oct. LOL