Missed my Live LSAT Master Class?

My live LSAT Logical Reasoning Master Class sold out pretty quickly, so I wanted to provide another opportunity for those who missed out.

I'm holding another one tomorrow night. This is a one-time-only event. There will be no replays. And, again, I'm limiting the session to no more than 5 students.

(If you want to join but can't make it, reach out, and you'll be the first to know about future classes - before everyone else.)


Unsure of how to move forward after the LSAT score release? I've got plenty of videos on preparing for a retake. (Sharing some retake links again below in case you missed them the other day.)

Also, subscribe to my YouTube channel to get notifications for new videos as I release them.

Very soon, I'll be posting more videos on preparing for the upcoming LSATs along with preparing for an LSAT retake, but I'm not going to post the list every single time I post one! (In the meantime, check out my other playlists - I'm just including the retake one below.)

LSAT Retake Prep Videos

I've also got a ton of articles on preparing for an LSAT retake, including:

Should you retake the LSAT?
LSAT retake study schedules
Day-by-day LSAT retake study schedules
How to study for a retake

Keep in touch!

P.S. Let me know your questions about preparing for an LSAT retake, preparing for the LSAT in general, and/or law school admissions. I'm always looking for new ideas on more LSAT and admissions resources to create for everyone.

P.P.S. Any topic requests for future Live LSAT Master Classes? There's clearly a lot of interest, and I want to make sure I'm holding classes on the topics you have the most trouble with.

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