Free LSAT PrepTest PDFs Questions

There are dozens of official LSAT PrepTests. Very few people need, or want, to review all of them.

1 of these is a free LSAT PDF for download.

You can see a big list of all LSAT PrepTests by both number and date, as well as the books containing every LSAT PrepTest.

Also, please see my previous post with best LSAT prep books recommendations for more info on how to get these PrepTests.

The below contains some details on the various books containing older LSAT PrepTests.

Some of the older PrepTests are difficult to get, but you can get them in the books below.

Official LSAT TriplePrep, Volume 1 (out-of-print, available used) contains PrepTests 2 (October 1991), 4 (February 1992), and 5 (June 1992). Also try this and this to get it on Amazon.

Official LSAT TriplePrep, Volume 2 (out-of-print, available used) contains PrepTests 3 (December 1991), 6 (October 1992), and 7 (February 1993). Also try this, this, and this to get it on Amazon.

Official LSAT TriplePrep, Vol.3 (out-of-print, available used) contains PrepTests 8, 9, and 10.

Kaplan LSAT Endurance Practice book contains PrepTest 1 (June 1991) and PrepTest 8 (June 1993). PrepTest 8 is a separate exam in full (all 4 sections are back to back). However, PrepTest 1's 4 sections are spread throughout the book to serve as the "experimental section" for other exams in the book. (Just look at the end of each exam and it will tell you where the experimental is taken from - in 4 of the exams, it will be a section from PrepTest 1). This book is normally only available through the Kaplan LSAT course, but many copies in perfect condition are sold online by former students.

Grouped by Game Type
contains every Logic Game in PrepTests 1-20.

Grouped by Question Type
contains every Logical Reasoning question in PrepTests 1-20.

Grouped by Passage Type contains every Reading Comprehension Passage in PrepTests 1-20

Free Sample June 2007 PrepTest (PDF) = 1

Official LSAT PrepTest With Explanations (out of print - available used) = 1
Fun LSAT trivia: This is the stolen February 1997 LSAT exam.

The Official LSAT SuperPrep (PrepTests A, B, and C) = 3
This book contains the previously-undisclosed February 1996, February 1999, and February 2000 exams. It explains all answer choices.


  1. Hi Steve,

    Wonderful blog I love it! I'm planning to take the LSAT in December, and a friend of mine told me they had changed the reading comprehension section in 2007. First of all, is that true? Second of all, does that mean I shouldn't be practicing that section with official tests from before 2007?

    I'd like to hear your thoughts on this, thanks very much!

  2. Hi,
    Would you please let me know what practice tests the Kaplan (2009) LSAT Endurance Practice book contains? I don't want to buy duplicate tests.