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UPDATE: Sorry, this is no longer available. LSAC does not permit free disclosure of any actual LSAT questions other than the June 2007 LSAT. You can learn where to get online LSAT prep materials in Best LSAT Prep Books.

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This week, I started posting LSAT explanations on Twitter. I'll answer a Logical Reasoning question every weekday, starting with Section 2 of the June 2007 LSAT. I'll still keep posting here, of course. Don't worry!

Exams explained by @LSATBlog:

June 2007 LSAT - unnumbered (PDF)

In this post, I'll show you how to subscribe via text message, email, or RSS.

Because Twitter limits all messages to 140 characters, I'll use "text-speak" when necessary. I promise never to use "LOL." Ever.

To receive LSAT explanations on your cell phone:

1. Create a Twitter account.
2. Add your cell phone number.
3. "Follow" LSATBlog.

To receive LSAT explanations in your email:

If you use Microsoft Outlook for your email, you can use OutTwit to receive the explanations via email after following steps 1 and 3 above.

Receive LSAT explanations via RSS instead.

I'd love to post the relevant questions along with the explanations, but it would take several "tweets" to send even one Logical Reasoning question because of the 140-character limit.

Print out the June 2007 LSAT and keep it nearby so you can follow along with the explanations each day. ttys!

(Please also see my Daily LSAT Question post for more details.)


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