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I recently interviewed Ann Levine, Esq., a law school admission consultant and author of The Law School Admission Game, via email. Our discussion follows.

1. Many applicants take the February LSAT with the intention of starting law school that fall. At which law schools is applying this late a significant disadvantage, and at which is it okay?

The answer is simple; if your score is in the 75th percentile for that school, then it’s probably ok to apply that late in the game. But it’s a terrible time to try to be admitted to a reach school.

2. In your experience as well as that of your colleagues over the years, to what degree is the LSAT Writing Sample a factor in the admissions process?

If, for any reason, a law school suspects you did not write your personal statement then it will look at your writing sample closely. For example, if an applicant received an undergraduate degree in a foreign country (non-English speaking) and the personal statement is flawless, then the writing sample will be a big factor.

3. What are some of the most common / funniest mistakes you've seen in students' applications?

None that are “funny” but many that are pathetic, like the wrong school being mentioned in a personal statement, confusing the law school with another of a similar name (Case Western versus California Western, NYU versus NYLS), and listing high school honors on the application. Those things will always get my eyes rolling.

Ann Levine, Esq., a law school admission consultant, formerly served as Director of Admissions for two ABA law schools. Since opening Law School Expert in 2004, she has helped 1,000+ law school applicants through the admission process as The Secret Weapon of Law School Applicants Nationwide. Almost 100,000 people read her law school advice blog in 2008.

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