Why You Can't Improve Your LSAT Score

Everyone wants to get into a top law school, but how many people actually do?

Do the students at Harvard Law, Yale Law, and Stanford Law have superior brainpower that allows them to achieve what you can't?

Maybe law school is just a dream that crosses your mind every once in a while, but you believe everyone admitted to top law schools is lucky. This would be a great excuse to avoid studying - if it were true.

The truth is, you don't need to be a genius to get into law school. The "secret" is obvious:

Get an early start on your LSAT preparation.

One of my students was the kind of guy who sits around and makes excuses. He said the LSAT was too hard, that none of the techniques out there would work for him, and that he had no time to study. Instead, he wasted hours each day complaining and worrying instead of studying.

Finally, after a lot of pushing and prodding, I got him to actually sit down and go through some problems with me. We set a schedule and goals for each week until the LSAT, and despite his wildest expectations, he developed an appreciation for the exam. Yes, that's right. He actually started to like the LSAT, and he achieved a 175 on test day. He's now at Yale Law School.

Procrastination can eat you alive if you let it. There's no "perfect day" to begin studying. If you want to make your dream of law school come true, today is the best day to start your LSAT preparation. Here are the schedules I posted to help you get started. Of course, I'm always available to help via email and phone (or in-person if you're in NYC).

What helps you stay motivated to achieve your goals?