Answer Keys to LSAT PrepTests

Please see LSAT Answer Keys for Every PrepTest / Exam.

I've included answer keys for every single PrepTest in that blog post.


It's tempting to check the answer key at the end of each book of LSAT PrepTests after completing each LSAT question. I don't blame you for the impulse. However, checking your answers after each question slows you down during practice exams.

It also snaps you out of the test-day mindset and prevents you from predicting your performance. It's important to be able to guess how you did on a given section or exam. On test day, you'll want to make an informed decision over whether or not to cancel your LSAT score.

What should you do instead? Complete at least one section at a time, and preferably a full exam, predict how many you answered incorrectly per section, then mark your answers. If you just can't wait, complete at least a full section, then check your answers.

If having the answer key at the end of your book just proves too tempting, rip it out of each book and place all the answer keys in a folder in a safe place.

Unfortunately, lawyers tend to be fairly disorganized, and the same might be said of future lawyers. That's why lawyers have armies of paralegals, right? Unfortunately, you're not lawyers yet.


  1. the link is broken =[ any other sites have the same info?

  2. Just published a new blog post containing them all.

  3. Thanks for the answer link! Quick question though

    Preptest 52, Section 1, Question 8. Why isnt the answer E? Is it because of the extreme language used " more unfair"

    Is that the type of language that one should be wary of...even though the question asks for " most helps to justify the journalist's reasoning?"