Hardest LSAT: Feb, June, Oct, or Dec?

Which LSAT is the hardest? Rumor has it the February LSAT is the toughest exam each year. This rumor probably originated because February's exam is traditionally undisclosed, leading to an air of mystery arond it.

Believe me, if the LSAT-writers are smart enough to write this exam, they're smart enough to realize people are going to analyze it for patterns of difficulty between months. If one month's exam were consistently tougher than another's, you would have heard about it by now, and the test-makers would have corrected this huge mistake.

Sure, the Logic Games on one exam may be "easier" than those on another. While there's some agreement about particular Logic Games being harder than others, one person may find a game to be easy while another finds it difficult. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses.

However, one test-taker will not automatically get a higher score if his/her games are easier and he/she answers more questions correctly as a result. After all, this is a "standardized" test. Your LSAT score is determined by taking the number of questions you answer correctly (your raw score) and converting into a score from 120 to 180 based upon the performance of previous test-takers, who took those sections as their "experimental section."

Bottom line: When it comes to question difficulty, no particular month's LSAT is consistently easier or harder than another's. Even if it were the case, it wouldn't matter. Take the LSAT when you're ready.


  1. It's curved. The only comparison of difficulty that can be made is with raw scores, but the curved score is the only score that counts with consideration to getting into law school, so actually it doesn't matter when you take it.