5 Reasons I Secretly Enjoy Logic Games

Some of you email me to say how much you hate the LSAT. I already wrote a series on why I love the LSAT, but some of you still aren't convinced. I'm not giving up.

Here are the top 5 reasons I enjoy Logic Games:

1. They're like sudoku.

2. It's satisfying to make a solid diagram and then quickly answer the questions.

3. Although the topic never matters, it's fun to make fun of the games' goofy topics.

4. After jumping from one question type to another in Logical Reasoning, it's nice to finally have a bunch of related questions.

5. It's the easiest section to learn. Really.


  1. Hi Steve, Thanks for all the great advice. I am taking the June LSAT, and at first I was daunted by the logic games. after 4 practice tests I was still barely progressing, but thanks in large part to your posts, now it is definitely the easiest section (usually anyway).

    I just set up my own LSAT blog, on my colleague's new Economics Blog. http://economicspost.com/testprep/blog

  2. Fjorn,

    What are the key things you learned that enabled you to have made so much progress with Logic Games? I am in the same boat as you were. I'd love for you to elaborate on what exactly helped you improve. Thanks!

  3. I'm a 20somehting working professional and I recently started studying for the LSAT because I LOVE the logic games; there's such a feeling of satisfaction when I solve one quickly and correctly...

    I especially agree with #3. Clowns getting out of a car in the middle of the circus? Hah!

  4. So I guess I am the odd one because I have no trouble with reading comprehension and the logic games sections. I may miss two or three overall, but I am having a heck of a time with the reasoning section. How can I be good at the other two and so bad with the third? Can I reboot my brain, is that possible?

    I LOVE logic games they are actually fun and pretty goofy too. Now on to try and love the reasoning questions...

  5. Based on my own experience, I disagree with #5 – that Logic Games is the easiest section to learn.

    I would say it is the easiest section on the LSAT, once you have learned it. Very rarely will I miss more than 2 on an entire section. So in that sense Logic Games is the easiest section to master.

    For me the section that was the easiest to learn was the Reading Comprehension; second was Logical Reasoning. Reading Comprehension has never been too difficult for me. I would say Logical Reasoning is the most difficult section to master; if I were only missing 2 on each LR section, I would be scoring in the 170s every time no sweat.

    Oh well. Maybe my brain just works differently.