Law School Admissions Index: LSAT vs. GPA Ranking

How exactly do admissions officers weigh your LSAT score and GPA? Well, it's complicated.

Law School Admissions Index: LSAT vs. GPA

LSAC's website will help you calculate your chances at various law schools. It uses each law school's "admissions index" (a formula unique to each school weighing LSAT and GPA) and contains data from the Fall 2007 admissions cycle.

Enter your undergraduate GPA and (presumed) LSAT score. Sort the results by likelihood in descending order to see at which schools you have the highest likelihood of success.



  1. How accurate do you think this tool is? In what situations would you expect it to be more or less accurate? For example, I expect my UGPA to end up between 3.0 and 3.25, but I expect my LSAT score to be between 172 and 176. These numbers predict a high likelihood of acceptance at most schools, but I'm not sure if a high LSAT score will really outweigh a not-so-hot GPA.

  2. It's based on info that each law school submits about its admission index, so it's accurate as far as LSAT and GPA are concerned.

    Factors that it doesn't consider are diversity, legacy, personal statement, recommendation letters, disciplinary record, etc. Obviously, LSAT and GPA are the big two, but the others have some impact as well.

  3. I have a sub-3.0 gpa, and to get into a decent tier 1 or 2 school, I feel completely overwhelmed, panicked, and worry-stricken by the fact that I need an absolutely outstanding score. Please help!!!

  4. I have a lot of soft criteria, an above average resume, a high gpa, and I just need the high lsat score to complete my law school portfolio. I now feel that I am on task with regards to progress.

  5. Has this been taken down?

  6. Is there a Canadian version available at all?