LSAT Logic in...Conservapedia

Andy Schafly, creator of Conservapedia (wiki) was interviewed on The Colbert Report Tuesday night.

2:52 in the video below is where the LSAT-relevant action is:
Schafly: Isaac Newton, for example, credited his insights to the work he did translating the Bible - not just reading the Bible.

Colbert: He came up with gravity when a Bible fell out of a tree!

Schafly: Not only did Newton credit his work in translating the Bible, he said that everyone else he knew who translated the Bible also had terrific other insights, so it's a marvelous activity.

See any major flaws?

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Andy Schlafly


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  1. A mere correlation taken as causation?

  2. Thank you Steve for all the wonderful stuff you put up! Studying for the lsat does pay off.....want to give it my best.

  3. In the first sentence, Schafly uses bible translation as necessary condition for the insight. Whereas in the ssecond sentence it seems like "translation" becomes sufficient condition to have insight. This looks like classical fallacy of shifting the necessary and sufficient conditions, is it not?

    Thanks Steve.

  4. Hi RG,

    Schafly never says that Newton claimed Bible translation to be necessary for his insights.

    Crediting Bible translation for the insights means that the Bible insights were a sufficient condition (or at least part of a sufficient condition) for the insights.

    Schafly's comments are flawed, but not for the classic necessary/sufficient confusion fallacy.

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