Jay-Z's Blueprint and LSAT Test Day Tips

Jay Z Blueprint LSAT BlogOn The Blueprint's second track ("Takeover"), Jay-Z raps:
Hey lil' soldier you ain't ready for war
R.O.C. too strong for y'all
It's like bringin a knife to a gunfight, pen to a test
Your chest in the line of fire witcha thin-ass vest
Contrary to popular belief, this song isn't ONLY about Nas.

After I told Jay-Z that some test-takers weren't prepared for Test Day, he became angry. At my urging, he added the lyrics above to diss those test-takers with some analogies (a classic argumentative technique) and offer his advice on getting ready.

LSAT Test Day Tips from "Takeover":

-Make sure you bring several pencils with good erasers to the LSAT. In fact, make sure you use pencils for all your practice tests, too.

-Don't bring a knife to the LSAT (or to a gunfight). Save knives for knife fights and chopping food. (Disclaimer: LSAT Blog does not endorse knife fights or chopping food and is not liable for any injuries incurred during knife fights or while chopping food.)

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  1. I asked this question before but it disappeared I think. Is it okay to only use the LSAC's SuperPrep and it's other Preptests? as I find the books by the other companies to be very confusing to the point of tears.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that the other books are giving you so much difficulty.

    It's ok to stick with PrepTests alone, but make sure you're focusing on strategies. The SuperPrep book has good explanations.

    Most folks benefit from books of strategies like the ones I've recommended, but if you're doing well without them, that's fine.

  3. haha. This is a funny one!