Simugator LSAT Proctor DVD Review

Simugator LSAT Proctor DVD Review*Update: Free LSAT Proctor mp3 Available*

No matter how much I write about preparing for LSAT Test Day, people still want tips and strategies for dealing with Test Day nerves.

And there are companies that make products to help people deal with those nerves.

No, I'm not talking about the pharmaceutical industry.

I'm talking about the Simugator LSAT Proctor DVD (alternate link / other alternate link).

The DVD simulates what it's like to take the LSAT on Test Day. It contains a video of a classroom where a bunch of people pretend to take the LSAT, and someone attractive pretends to proctor it. It's meant to help you get used to the distractions of taking the LSAT around other people - the proctors and other test-takers. (Perhaps having a hot proctor is intended to be part of the distraction.)

You pop it into your computer or DVD player when you're ready to take a timed full-length practice exam (or section).

The videocamera's set up so that you're facing the proctor and are surrounded by fellow test-takers. The proctor on the DVD gives a 5-minute warning and moves from one section to another without a break, just like the real thing. (Of course, you still get a 15-minute break between sections 3 and 4.)

The DVD has a "Distractions Mode" setting where they increase the annoyingness of the other "test-takers" and "proctor" to help you get used to what you might face on Test Day.

Just like a fighter pilot might use a simulator to practice, this DVD allows you to simulate the Test Day experience.

Does this DVD give you anything you can't get from a friend or a public place? At first glance, not really, but it does have some unique benefits - primarily, the fact that it offers test proctoring "on-demand."

Alternatives to the LSAT Proctor DVD:

You can have a friend proctor you, and it might be a little more real, but your friend might not always be available, and he/she probably isn't going to proctor dozens of PrepTests without asking for favors in return. Or maybe you don't have any friends.

Library / Starbucks
You can take your practice tests in a slightly distracting and noisy setting like a library or Starbucks, but maybe you're too lazy or those settings are too distracting and noisy. Or maybe you live in a part of the U.S. / the world that doesn't have places like libraries or Starbucks. However, even if you do live near a library or Starbucks, they're not open 24/7, and they don't always have seating available. A librarian or barista isn't likely to proctor your exam and call out a 5-minute warning.

Free LSAT Diagnostic Tests From Prep Companies
Many prep companies offer a free LSAT diagnostic test in a crowded room. This is as close as you can get to an actual LSAT experience. I recommend going to as many of these as possible in the month leading up to your test date. You can bring your own PrepTest and take it instead of using the one they give out. The prep companies don't mind. The downside of this option is that the diagnostics may not be offered frequently enough, and they may not be on your schedule.

So, should you get the LSAT Proctor DVD?
This DVD isn't for everyone. However, it might help you feel like you've been through the "experience" of taking several practice LSATs under test-like conditions.

Coming soon:

For $1000, your future LSAT proctor will come to your house and proctor a practice LSAT for you. He/she will also bring 20 friends to make noise and seduce you while you take your practice tests.


  1. some of us have children and can only study after a certain time of night when it might be inconvenient for friends to make the drive over...and cannot be in the public places because while they are open we have the kids...


  2. I've owned the DVD since this past summer and have found it to be extremely useful. My only complaint is that they don't give you as much control over the experience as possible: you should be allowed to reduce the amount of time they give you between sections (real proctors apparently give you less time than the girl in the DVD), or enable the proctor to call the 5 minute warning at a random time 3-10 minutes from the end. Even with those limitations, though, it's well worth the money.

  3. I bought this DVD. It's a very useful tool. This is the closest and most accurate video representation of the LSAT out there that I've been able to find. Certainly people confuse the simplicity of its premise with its usefulness and convenience. However, this would be a logical fallacy. It's a huge time and money saver and gives you the flexibility to take literally all of the LSAT Prep tests available wherever and whenever you'd like to (in the middle of the night if you so please) with a degree of likeness to the real thing that you're not going to find anywhere else for 20 - 25 bucks. And I'm not exactly sure if a loud/busy/cramped/high-trafficked/Kenny G playing Starbucks or a completely silent library that closes at 8:00 PM and has people moving about looking for books are anything like taking the exam in the testing center environment at all. Although, I do sometimes try to get a room with a projector and DVD player in my university's library for myself and my 2 other friends taking the LSAT, and we play the DVD there and then review each other's tests when we finish. Most of the time, though, I use it either in my living room or at my desk on my laptop.

    Maybe you'll get (at most) 2 proctored exams with a $1000 prep course or get some audio file that says go and stop after 35 minutes without you seeing or hearing anything else. But what is the point of practicing with Prep tests at all if you're not going to try to at least emulate the environment of the test on the day of the exam? Or take more than 1 or 2 at a prep course? You have to take more than that under as close conditions as you can to get a good feel for it IMO. Some people just have an iron will and blood as cold as ice when it comes to stress and test taking. Good for them! haha For the rest of us and I believe a majority of people taking standardized tests (especially the LSAT), we have to prepare to be comfortable with the testing environment/experience. If not, you can just cancel, waste all that money and another 4 to 6 months of your life waiting for the next test day all because you weren't psychologically and emotionally prepared for what to expect come test day. The DVD does this well. But if you don't believe me, that's fine - less people competing with me.

  4. This DVD makes a critical degree of difference in forcing you to concentrate.

  5. Please do not purchase this item.

    I purchased it after reading the reviews above - and although I do respect everyone's personal opinion on the product, I have to think that this is product will be useless for 99% of the people debating this purchase.

    I bought this product with the mindset thinking that a couple dollars would be worth any product that helps me improve my chances of success on the LSAT. This product is a waste of 25 dollars.

    It is shotty quality. It's basically five students that look like they made this for a high school project. I admit the concept for this product is clever. It was just poorly executed. The "distractions mode" is just the say film with a voice over of somebody literally saying "ach-choo" every five minutes (sometimes loud, sometimes softly).

    Nothing about this dvd seems authentic. The student portraying the proctor can barely read.

    Just my 2 cents...I don't even usually write reviews but I feel it is my duty to warn you not to burn your money like I have.

  6. Love this DVD! Well worth the money.