Easiest LSAT Exam EVER: LSAT-India

LSAT Blog Easiest LSAT Exam Ever LSAT IndiaWhat's the easiest LSAT exam ever? It's not the one you got drunk with last weekend.

It's LSAT-India, the test high school kids in India can now take to get into undergraduate-level law programs. Accordingly, it's not exactly the same as the LSAT we're used to, but it's pretty close.

If you've started prepping for the LSAT, you know every question has 5 answer choices. You also probably know you'll have to take a 5th experimental section that won't count towards your score.

LSAT-India contains exactly the same question-types as the regular LSAT. In fact, the sample PrepTest for LSAT-India (PDF) contains exactly the same questions as the June 2007 LSAT from LSAC (PDF). However, there are some major differences between the exams.

In the LSAT-India version of the June 2007 LSAT, the Logic Games, Reading Comprehension, and one of the two Logical Reasoning sections have been slashed down to only 4 answer choices per question.

For those who are bad at math, this means your odds when guessing randomly have been upped from 20% to 25% on those sections.

If that didn't make things easy enough, there's no experimental section either. Only the 4 scored sections.

Also, there's not even a writing sample.

More on the differences in the LSAT-India FAQ.

Bottom line: If you don't feel like toughing it out with the big dogs and taking the real LSAT, you can always take the easier one and get an undergraduate-level law degree in India.

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  1. How is that going to help to get licencse to Practise in any of the 50 States or D.C, the ABA requires a J.D or LL.B from a recognized law school in States.
    Just goes on to show the relatively low standard of Legal eduacation being imparted in India, even though it is also part of the the Common Law heritage just like U.S and U.K

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