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LSAT Diaries Self Study VeteranLSAT Blog reader Anna scored a 165 on the February LSAT using my 3-month LSAT study schedule.

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The Self-Study Veteran's Diary:

When I started planning for the February LSAT last year, I was completely clueless about the test, so I did what I always do: I Googled it. It immediately became clear that many people take an LSAT prep course, but when I navigated to a list of course prices, I had a cow: I’d have to forgo 2000 cans of Diet Coke for even the scrimpiest group LSAT course!!

I know it’s an investment and it isn’t as if it even approaches the cost of college, but somehow the massive cost of tuition is so large it feels like Monopoly money, whereas these courses were just in the extremely expensive end of the “real money” category.

Luckily, my cow was short-lived, as I was soon given the motivation to opt for the Diet Coke over the course:

1st, I found LSAT Blog – a free (thank goodness!) alternative source of guidance and information

2nd, I expressed my hesitation about taking an LSAT prep course to a friend. When she replied with a skeptical comment about being able to do well on the LSAT without a prep course, my knee-jerk reaction was, in the words of Emperor Kuzco, “Bring it on.”

Once I’d decided to go sans-course, I did what most readers of this blog probably do and selected one of Steve’s LSAT study schedules (in my case, the 3-month schedule). I have to be honest though: I obsess, so the schedule was more of a structured restraint. I knew I wouldn’t struggle with forcing myself to study (I’m in college, for Pete’s sake!) but I didn’t want to overdo the LSAT stuff and end up ruining the next 3 months of my life.

I vowed to stick only to the schedule, and to treat the LSAT like any other class with homework assignments. I usually stuck to this philosophy, though every once in a while I’d go a little overboard. This usually happened because I was trying to watch Dirty Jobs while studying, which meant bombing a problem set, thereby triggering a panic attack, and I'd start to spaz a bit.

I found the quickest way to nip the spazzing in the bud was to keep perspective, so pretty early on, I began keeping a Bible near my LSAT study material and reading it in between tests or book chapters. Reading the Bible helped remind me that God is in control, that He alone is necessary and sufficient for joy in life (you can tell I’m an LSAT taker, right?) and that law school is not the be-all, end-all.

As the test grew closer, I continued to treat it like I would a final exam for a class, and made a summary study sheet. I put all the Logical Reasoning question types, the Logic Games notations, and the Reading Comprehension tips into a word document and edited them down to a double-sided colorful reference card I could use to review on the morning of the test. When the fateful morning arrived, I got up in plenty of time to drive around town singing at the top of my lungs to my favorite music and took my Bible with me (though I had to stash it outside). All in all, I lived and got an awesome score!

Next step: law school admission.

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  1. This story was really inspiring! I'm following the 4-month plan and I have the same attitude and approach to preparing for the LSAT just as the person who wrote this diary entry (for a minute, I thought I wrote this lol). Thanks for submitting your story and allowing others to read it. Your story is just more motivation for me to continue to study for the October exam! Also, congrats on your score!

  2. I wish I had read this entry last year before my fateful (ultimately unwise) decisions where I had taken it before I was truly ready and then canceling the second attempt. Nevertheless, your entry here was incredibly helpful. I've been slowly growing through Christ, and really like the idea of having your Bible next to you while you study. I most likely will try that with everything else! Thank you so much~

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your story and faith! Wow, this is right on time! Your story has inspired and reminded me if God is for me nothing can be against me. I can do this! Thank you soo much again for sharing, GOD BLESS!