Free LSAT Logic Games Practice Questions

Free LSAT Logic Games Practice QuestionsAfter completing my Free LSAT Logic Games, blog reader Jim L. decided to write his own LSAT Logic Game. He's been kind enough to allow me to publish it here on the blog.

I've made a few tiny changes to the game's questions (and changed the variables to include Brangelina, among others), but Jim L. deserves the credit for the game.

Please thank him in the comments for allowing me to share it with all of you, and please post your thoughts and questions in the comments!

Next week, I'll publish a complete explanation of the game's setup.

Here's the Logic Game:

In a single evening, exactly seven actors, Angelina, Brad, Depp, Ferrell, Hayek, Lohan, and Malkovich, arrive at a movie premiere. No actor arrives at the same time as any other actor. Before they arrive, each actor is nominated for exactly one of two different awards, gold or silver. The following conditions apply:

- No two actors nominated for gold awards arrive consecutively.
- Brad arrives before both Angelina and Lohan.
- Depp, who is nominated for a gold award, arrives third.
- Angelina is nominated for a gold award.
- Brad is not nominated for a gold award only if Lohan is not nominated for a silver award.
- Lohan does not arrive seventh.

1) Which one of the following could be a complete and accurate list of the actors’ arrivals and respective nominations, from first to last?

A) Brad (Gold), Hayek (Silver), Depp (Gold), Lohan (Silver), Angelina (Gold), Ferrell (Silver), and Malkovich (Silver)
B) Brad (Gold), Lohan (Silver), Angelina (Gold), Malkovich (Silver), Depp (Gold), Ferrell (Silver), and Hayek (Gold)
C) Angelina (Gold), Brad (Silver), Depp (Gold), Hayek (Silver), Malkovich (Silver), Lohan (Gold), and Ferrell (Silver)
D) Ferrell (Silver), Brad (Silver), Depp (Gold), Hayek (Silver), Angelina (Gold), Malkovich (Silver), and Lohan (Gold)
E) Hayek (Gold), Brad (Silver), Depp (Gold), Malkovich (Silver), Lohan (Silver), Angelina (Gold), Ferrell (Silver)

2) What is the minimum number of actors that could arrive before Angelina?

A) one
B) two
C) three
D) four
E) five

3) If Brad arrives second, then which one of the following must be true?

A) Malkovich arrives neither immediately before nor immediately after Depp.
B) Hayek arrives before Lohan.
C) Angelina arrives seventh.
D) The actor who arrives first is nominated for a gold award..
E) Exactly four of the seven actors are nominated for gold awards.

4) Each one of the following statements must be false EXCEPT:

A) Exactly five of the actors are nominated for silver awards.
B) Exactly three of the actors that arrive after Depp are nominated for gold awards.
C) Brad arrives second, and Angelina arrives fifth.
D) Brad is nominated for a silver award, and Malkovich is nominated for a gold award.
E) Exactly three actors arrive between Depp and Lohan, regardless of whether Depp arrives before or after Lohan.

5) If Angelina does not arrive last, then which one of the following CANNOT be true?

A) Ferrell arrives before Hayek.
B) Exactly four of the actors are nominated for gold awards.
C) Lohan arrives before Depp.
D) Malkovich is nominated for a silver award.
E) Brad is nominated for a silver award.

6) If Ferrell arrives after Malkovich but before Hayek, then which one of the following statements, if true, would provide enough information to determine the actors’ exact order of arrival and the award nomination each receives?

A) Ferrell arrives fourth, and exactly three of the actors are nominated for gold awards.
B) Ferrell arrives sixth, and exactly four of the actors are nominated for gold awards.
C) Malkovich arrives second, and exactly four of the actors are nominated for silver awards.
D) Brad arrives fourth, and no more than three of the actors are nominated for silver awards.
E) Brad arrives first, and exactly three of the actors are nominated for silver awards.

The text below contains the answers to the above Logic Game.

1. A
2. D
3. C
4. D
5. E
6. D


Can't figure out how to do the game? Not to worry - leave a comment!

Here's a complete explanation of the game's setup.

For a similar LSAC-written Logic Game, check out:

PrepTest 37 (June 2002), Game 2 (p305 in Next 10)

Photo by Chrisa Hickey


  1. Random Question about #6. If the answer is D and Brad arrives fourth, why can't M (who would arrive first) be a silver award? Would this not allow a fourth silver award? Most likely i am missing something.

    1. Since the rule with D. is only three actors can have silver awards. Since golds cannot be consecutive and the third actor D is gold, places 2nd and 4th must always be silver. So here's where we can start since Brad is 4th
      Blank, blank, D (g), Brad (s), blank, blank, blank
      If Brad is silver then L has to be gold. A is gold by rule and L cannot be last. L and A must come after Brad so the sequence must then be
      Blank, blank, D (g), Brad(s), L(g), blank, A(g)
      Following the M>f>H rule, and that there can only be 3 silver medals
      M (g), F(s), D(g), B(s), L(g), H(s), A(g)
      F, B, and H have to be silver, and since the rule is there can only be three, M has to be gold.

  2. M could be silver but that would not give us an exact order of arrival and award nominations. If there are only 3 actors nominated for silver awards you know that M has to be gold. It gives you an exact answer.

  3. Are we supposed/allowed to throw our guesses up here? I don't want to ruin anything, but I'm also not convinced of my answers since I ran through this while not-working at work when noone was looking.

    Yeah, I'm ninja-like.

  4. Yep - ninjas, pirates, and others can (and should!) post guesses and whatever they like related to the game.

  5. Replies
    1. Yes Caleb, you are very smart. We all recognize.

  6. Even though I got all the answers, it took me 35+ minutes to finish this.

    Is there any hope of improving my time?!

    God I hope so.


    1. This took me 30 minutes also mainly because i got stuck on 6. hope my time improves also

  7. could you put up question for the shsat as well?

  8. how do u get answers to these? do u put them up for us to check?

  9. I found that answer choice B for question 6 is valid. If F is 6, then H is 7. And the only way four of them can be gold is if slots 1, 3, 5, and 7 are gold. That means A has to be 5, and L 4. Since L is silver, B must be gold, which means B is 1. That puts M in slot 2. And, of course, D is 3. That gives an exact order and respective nominations. Can anyone prove otherwise?

    1. The question asks you to select the answer which provides enough information to determine the EXACT order.

      Your solution allows M and L to be interchanged between slots 4 and 2 and still yield a correct set up. If answer B allows for two different solutions, then it doesn't provide enough information to be exact.

      D is the correct answer.

  10. I agree, i get B for question 6 too!

  11. Re: Question 6, Choice B: L wouldn't necessarily have to be on 4. L could go on either 2 or 4, as could M.

  12. Also took me about 35 minutes

  13. first time it took me 16 minutes but I scored a BIG FAT ZERO. 2nd time 1/6, 3rd time 4/6 in 22 minutes, 4th time 5/6 in 16 minutes.

    many times I got Q6 wrong.

    Is there any way we could work on Q6 without having to draw out the scenarios? I was misguided by my templates into assuming certain variables had to be on a certain spot when in fact they didn't have to be. So in the end it was better drawing out the new templates. Any suggestions?

  14. I'll attempt to answer my own question. We could definitely scan through the templates with an answer choice in mind to see if more than 1 template satisfies the scenario- in which case, that wouldn't be the correct answer (asking for an "exact order of variables").

  15. Yes, that's right. It is daunting and more time consuming, and when I first did Q6 it took a little while/felt a little overwhelming, but when it comes down to it you just have to draw out the hypotheticals and as soon as you arrive at a variable that can go in two or more slots cross out that answer choice and move on.

    There is one other useful piece of information I realized after I did the question. Remeber the Seperation Principle in the LGB (p.142)? Well in this question, because you can never have GG, any scenerio that requires 4 Gold awards will necessarily have to be placed in slot 1,3,5,7. So, look at the answer choices and try the choices that require 4 G to see if they are correct as they will have a much greater chance of being determined than the answer choices that requires 4 silvers etc.

  16. How can the answer to number 1 be c if the condition states that brad arrives before Angelina? With that condition, Angelina can never be first which is what she is on answer c. I think the proper answer is D.

  17. Call me crazy, but I'm pretty convinced that A is a valid answer to question #6.
    Setup #2 gives us (in order, actor/award color):
    1 - B/G; 2 - _/S; 3 - D/G; 4 - _/S; 5 - _/S; 6 - A/G; 7 - _/S

    Answer A tells us that there are exactly 3 golds (which we already knew from the setup) and that F goes in 4, which gives us:
    1 - B/G; 2 - _/S; 3 - D/G; 4 - F/S; 5 - _/S; 6 - A/G; 7 - _/S

    Now, the conditional rule in the question is M-F-H, so M has to be in 2 (before F):
    1 - B/G; 2 - M/S; 3 - D/G; 4 - F/S; 5 - _/S; 6 - A/G; 7 - _/S

    The last two free variables are H and L, and L cannot be in 7 by rule 6, so L must be in 5 and H must be in 7:
    1 - B/G; 2 - M/S; 3 - D/G; 4 - F/S; 5 - L/S; 6 - A/G; 7 - H/S

    I've checked it a couple of times and am pretty sure that it not only gives a correct answer but doesn't have the same issue as B (discussed above). Can someone prove this wrong?

    1. Not crazy, just confused. It's very important to understand what Q6 is asking. It's asking for you to select the information that would result in 1 AND ONLY 1 possible solution. Setup #2 (from the Explanation) which you refer to is just one of many setups that can be arrived at if you go by answer choice A. Simply considering the the other setups from the explanation whereby you can shift Angelina to the 5ht or 6th spot eliminates A as a correct answer. Also, with 3 golds there are a number of possible setups: GSGSGGS, GSGSGSS, GSGSSSG, SSGSGSG. Knowing there are 3 golds is not restrictive enough.

      Answer choices B and D should be looked at first and foremost due to the restriction of having 4 golds. This guarantees a setup of GSGSGSG due to the rule of no consecutive golds. From there, you explore B and D a little further through placement of the actors and realize that D is the only correct answer choice.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Don't understand how the answer to Q6 is D. In the video explanation of this game (on Steve's LG course) he says that it is possible for D: Brad to be nominated for a silver award and Malkovich to be nominated for a gold award. He provides this hypothetical for it (drawn vertically here for clarity)...

    1: __/__
    2: B / S
    3: D / G
    4: __/ S
    5: M / G
    6: __/ S
    7: A / G

    BUT if it is possible for M to be G, then there is no room for L to be after B (rule #2) or L to be G if B is S (rule #5)


  19. Question #6 stated Brad is in 4th position but in your diagram, you have him in 2nd. It states further that there can be no more than 3 silver awards and in your diagram, you left slot #1 without a gold, which it MUST be. Now give it another try with these modifications.

  20. I don't understand how 5 isn't C. Lohan can't arrive before Depp because Brad arrives before both Lohan and Angelina - there aren't 3 spaces before Depp for those three individuals to fit. can someone help?

    1. Hi! It does not say anywhere that both Angelina and Lohan has to arrive before Depp. It just states that Brad must arrive before Angelina and Lohan. So a possible set, which should work just fine is:

      And the rest can be anything - A could be #5 here.

  21. How is it possible that you cannot have two silvers together? The rule only states that two GOLDS cannot be consecutive. Therefore, the order could go GSGSSSG. There are no limitations to how many of each there are, and no limitations to silver, only the gold. That allows for several possible answer combinations to every question after 2. What we are given is only 4 of the 7 actors in the prompt, with Depp set at 3rd with the gold, and Brad somewhere before Angelina and Brad somewhere before Lohan. That doesn't clarify much. We know in Question 2, that for Brad to be 2nd, Depp in third, and Lohan can't be in 7th, that Lohan has to be in 4,5, or 6 (since she can necessarily be before Angelina or vice versa). Brad would have to be silver, since Depp is gold and can't be consecutively gold with Brad. Angelina has to be gold. Finally, Brad ~Gold if L~silver. Since Brad is in 2nd, and therefore a silver award, he is ~gold, therefore Lohan is ~silver. So Lohan can't be in 4th. So now we have this possibility:
    3. Depp - Gold
    4. M/F/H-silver
    5. A/M/F/H/L
    6. A/M/F/H/L

    There is just not enough information to come to a logical conclusion about the order. On number 3, the correct answer states that Angelina comes 7th. The question asks which MUST be true, and while Angelina could come 7th, she doesn't necessarily have to come 7th, so there is no way this answer MUST be true. Did I miss something?

    1. On number 3, the possible outcomes are as you write.

      Both A (premise) and L (because B is silver) have to be gold. L can only be in 5 or 6.

      If L is placed in 6, where do you put A? A cannot be 5 or 7, since L is in 5 and you cannot have two consecutive gold. A cannot be in in 4, because 3 is D and he is gold.

      So L in place 6 is ruled out, she must be in 5. If she is in 5, A cannot be in 6 due to no consecutive golds, leaving only 7.

      Does that make sense?

  22. YES! exactly what anon said above, Angelina could come seventh and there isn't a limit set on how many gold or silvers there has to be.

  23. On question 3, Angelina MUST come 7th. The trick is to realize that Lohan and Angelina must BOTH be gold, they must BOTH come after Brad, and they CANNOT be consecutive. Thus you have this set up:

    1. ?-?
    2. Brad - Silver
    3. Depp - Gold
    4. ?- Silver
    5. ?-?
    6. ?-?
    7. ?-?

    Since Lohan and Angelina must be in positions 5, 6, 7 (since those are AFTER Brad and not certainly Silver) and also cannot be consecutive, they MUST be in positions 5 and 7. And since Lohan cannot be in the seventh position, she must be in position 5 and Angelina must be in position 7.

  24. Can someone explain the answer to #4?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. The right answer choice will be ones that 'could be true'. All other answer choices 'must be false'. To determine the right answer, I went through all answer choices starting from A, but my gut feeling already tells me that the right 'could be true answer' will not be a choice that has the word 'exactly' in it.

      A) Exactly five of the actors are nominated for silver awards.

      Must be false. Have a look at the hypotheticals Steve drew in his explanation and you will find out that it is possible to have 3 silver awards for instance.

      B) Exactly three of the actors that arrive after Depp are nominated for gold awards.

      We already know that Depp comes at position 3. In hypothetical number one for instance, we could only have one gold award after Depp, and not three. Thus, this answer choice is a must be false.

      C) Brad arrives second, and Angelina arrives fifth.

      This is a must be false because Brad could arrive 1st as in hypothetical 1 and 2.

      D) Brad is nominated for a silver award, and Malkovich is nominated for a gold award.

      This is a could be true because Brad could arrive second with silver, and there are no rules for Malkovish so he could arrive with a gold at position 5. This is our answer.

      E) Exactly three actors arrive between Depp and Lohan, regardless of whether Depp arrives before or after Lohan.

      This is an easy must be false because Depp is always at position 3, and to have three spaces between Depp and Lohan, Lohan must be at position 7 (which is impossible according to our rules).

      Thus choice D is our answer.

  25. Here is how I approached question 6. Sine the question asks for the conditions that would determine the actors’ exact order of arrival and the award nomination each receives, I quickly scanned the first part of all answer choices and identified the one that (on the face of it) impose some restriction on the setup. Answer choices D and E were the two answer choices that mentioned variable B (which if it comes with Silver would allow for an interference about the placement of L (which according to the rules would then be forced to go with Gold). Answer choice D placed Brad in position 4 which would have to be a Silver and thus satisfies the condition that would forced L to go with Gold, so I started drawing a hypothetical for answer choice D.

    With B in 4, L and A have to come after B (according to the rules) and both have to receive a Gold medal, Since we cannot have two consecutive Gs so the Gs would have to come at 5 and 7, and L cannot come at 7 so L would come at 5 and A would come at 7.

    This leaves positions 1,2, and 6 for the M-f-H which have to come in that order, thus M would go at 1, f at 2 and H at 6.

    Now we have filled all places, and have an EXACT order for both actors and medals :)

  26. After an hour of trying to figure this out....I finally realized that A is wrong because F and L could go in either 4 or 6.

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