Sudoku Puzzles for LSAT Prep

"Why sudoku? What does that have to do with the LSAT?"

Many of you have been asking me for a good long-term way to prepare for the Logic Games section without getting into the actual LSAT material.

And solving a sudoku puzzle requires a little something nerds call, "deductive reasoning."

Basically - making inferences!

Sound familiar? It's the exact same thing you have to do in LSAT Logic Games, so sudoku's a great tool for developing the skills you need.

So I've put together a book of 208 sudoku puzzles, along with a brief introduction to sudoku - LSAT Blog's Sudoku Puzzles for LSAT Prep.

LSAT Blog's Sudoku Puzzles for LSAT Prep

The puzzles are placed in order of increasing difficulty, and I've included the answers at the very end so that you can check your work or sneak a peek.

You can have this on your computer within minutes, and, best of all, print out as many copies as you need.

You can print and carry a few of them with you, rather than having to carry the entire book. You can also print out multiple copies of the same puzzle so that you can do and redo them without having to erase.

But why are there TWO books in the photo?

Because I partnered with a famous sudoku-writer, DJAPE, to put together another one.

These sudoku books are for you:

if you plan to take the LSAT down the road and want to get an early start on your prep 

if you don't want to expose yourself to the limited number of real LSAT Logic Games out there

if you just want to take a break from the LSAT without completely wasting your time on social media and Netflix

Get both books (208 regular sudoku and DJAPE's book) for only $17.94:


Get your copy of DJAPE's book for only $9.97:


Get your copy of the 208 regular sudoku book for only $7.97:


Fun Fact:

This is a PDF available for instant download. It'll be sent to whichever email address you submit.

P.S. The 208 regular sudoku book when paired with the book of sudoku variants by DJAPE is a lethal combination.


  1. If I'll be taking the LSAT in June, would this help me at all? Or should I rather try studying for the actual logic games?
    By no means this should be a substitue, of course, but was wondering how much this puzzle can help me improve because I'm not good at logic games...

  2. It shouldn't be a substitute for actual LSAT Logic Games, but it can be a nice supplement. Solving sudoku puzzles consists of making a series of deductions, just as LSAT Logic Games do.

    Like I said in the blog post, it's a nice way to take a break from LSAT material while still keeping your mind active and doing something that's similar to solving a Logic Game.

  3. Hi Steve if your pdf will work on android devices? If not can the pdf be saved for later download, or is the download time sensitive? Thank you!

  4. The PDF can be saved for later download.

    These sudoku puzzles are meant to be printed out - this is not a phone app, so I don't think you'd derive much benefit from viewing it on a smartphone.

  5. So are you saying that we should do sudoku puzzles for prepping for logic games merely because they involve deductive reasoning? I could stay at home alone every Friday night and be depressed over the fact that I am a bachelor since all bachelors are single and I am single and prep equally because I am thinking deductively and being depressed requires thinking about being depressed.

    1. He's saying if you've got free time and you want to do something productive Sudoku is a good way to fill that time. You might want to practice your reading comprehension before you sign up for the LSAT, Andy.