Logic and Games

* Worried about law school stress? Yale Law School lets students borrow a "therapy dog" to play with for 30 minutes at a time. [NYTimes]

* Justin Bieber doesn't care whether you love him or hate him, and neither should you. [The Onion]

* Apple sues Amazon for using the term "App Store." [Ars Technica]

* Is The Daily Show a boy's club where women can't participate? [Jezebel]

* There's apparently a regular Nintendo game based on The Great Gatsby, and you can play it online for free. [Great Gatsby Game]

* To truly be happy, buy experiences rather than material goods. [Journal of Consumer Psychology, PDF]

* Rebecca Black's Friday is destroyed by clever satire. [Thought Catalog; imgur]

* An etiquette guide to tsunamis and other disasters. [Gizmodo]

* Rainn Wilson (Dwight from The Office) is a pathetically-funny superhero in this movie trailer. [YouTube]

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