LSAT Cheat Sheets

I hate long-winded books - here's how I made LSAT studying easyish.

Imagine it's the first day of class.

Professor McSuckyworkloadington says:

"For my class, you have to read these 3 books. Each one's 300-400 pages long....but if you'd rather not read 3 books, you can read this other 500-page book instead. 
Whichever option you choose, you still have to read EVERYTHING...AND I assign TONS of exams to get you ready for the big final."

I don't know about you, but I'd be out the door REAL fast.

But what if that class was required?

You'd have to come up with a strategy to QUICKLY condense everything in those books. do you do this?

You could find classmates and divide up the work with them.

BUT...they might end up being busy, or forgetful, or just plain dumb.

You could just read the first and last paragraph of each chapter to save time.

BUT...there's important stuff in the middle, and you don't know where or what it's going to be.

Unfortunately, my friend, you have to actually get that stuff into your brain.

So, here's what I'd typically do in college:

I'd read what the professor emphasized in class and condense it all onto a SINGLE piece of paper.

It still took a lot of time, and I had to write very small.

But having everything reduced to 1 piece of paper gave me a quick reference - it made things a lot less threatening and a lot more manageable.

Studying for LSATs, however, was like Professor McSuckyworkloadington’s class on steroids.

Most LSAT books are 300-500 pages long! And the ones on the shorter side usually cover only ONE section when the LSAT has THREE.

Now, I REALLY wanted to increase my LSAT score and get in the 170s, so I put a lot more effort into studying for the LSAT than some random class in college.

That's part of the reason I spent A FULL YEAR studying for this damn thing, reading every LSAT book I could find.

While I was going through all those books, I came back to my trusty "cheat sheet" method from college. Without them, it was just too hard to keep track of everything I needed to know.

So, inspired by the ones I made for myself way back when...

I've done the same thing for LSAT prep and admissions to save you the trouble of doing it yourself.

Here's exactly what I've done for you:

I've created Cheat Sheets for each of the LSAT's scored sections: Logic Games, Logical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension.

Each one's a quick 2-page reference to a particular section. If you (or a trusted friend) are clever with a printer, you can print them double-sided, giving you 1 piece of paper covering each section.

I ALSO created a cheat sheet for the law school admissions process covering both the personal statement and résumé.

You can print as many copies as you want so you'll have them ready anywhere you go.

Things you can do with your LSAT cheat sheets:

-Staple/paper-clip them to the inside cover of your LSAT prep books.
-Tape/pin them to the wall above your desk.
-Post them on your refrigerator.
-Tape/pin them to the wall in front of your toilet for bathroom reading.
-Keep them in the car for when you're stuck in traffic or just have time to kill.
-Load them onto your smartphone, tablet, e-reader, etc.

Things you CANNOT do with your LSAT cheat sheets: 

-Cheat (in case LSAC sees this & gets confused)
-Make paper airplanes (please respect them)

"Sweet, I'm in! How do I get these cheat sheet things?"

Here's what you need to do to get the cheat sheets:

1.) Choose the cheat sheets you'd like below.
2.) This takes you to a payment page.
3.) Enter your credit card and press ‘Pay’.
4.) The system will confirm your purchase.
5.) You'll immediately get an email from me with your link to download your cheat sheets.
6.) You'll start getting better...SSOOOOOOO much the LSAT.

You can get all 4 Cheat Sheets at once for only $49.97:


Or, you can get just the 3 LSAT Cheat Sheets for only $39.97:


If you're already doing great in some sections and just need help with others, you can pick out the individual Cheat Sheets you want for only $14.97 each:






UPDATE: After several requests, I've now added a Law School 1L Cheat Sheet to give you an overview of the different classes you'll likely take in your first year of Law School. You can get it for only $9.97 here:



"What do they look like?"

Here's a mini-screenshot of the LSAT Logic Games Cheat Sheet, just to give you an idea:

LSAT Logic Games Cheat Sheet Sample
Side 1 (Front)

LSAT Logic Games Cheat Sheet Sample
Side 2 (Back)

More fun facts: 

* The 1st page of each LSAT Cheat Sheet gives you general advice, strategies, and information for that section. The 2nd page helps you identify and approach the specific question-types for that section.

* The 1st page of the Admissions Cheat Sheets gives you general advice, strategies, and information for the law school personal statement and "Why X?" essay. The 2nd page helps you create your law school résumé.

* In order to fit everything to 2 pages for each Cheat Sheet, font sizes used range from 9pt-12pt. If you have REALLY bad eyesight, I suggest using a magnifying glass or a copy machine to enlarge them. Or some special screen-reading software.

* Each cheat sheet is meant to be printed on a standard 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper.

* Obviously, these are only 2 pages and don't cover EVERYTHING about a specific topic. Please don't buy this and then write to me saying, "But you didn't mention [obscure topic that barely ever comes up]." If you want something that covers EEEEEVVVVERRRYTHING, buy one of the 500+ page books instead. I exercised my dictator-like judgment about what was worth including, and what wasn't.

* These are PDFs available for instant download after submitting payment. You can use Adobe Reader to open the files.

* The instant download link will be sent to whichever email address you submit.

P.S. If you’re having second thoughts about buying this...I offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee. If FOR ANY REASON you don’t like the cheat sheets, just let me know, and I'll give you back all your money the very next day.

Steve J. Schwartz

P.P.S. If you consider how much money you'll make from increasing your LSAT score and getting into a better law school...or getting more scholarship money...$ is such a tiny drop in the bucket.