Logic and Games

* Day-by-day LSAT study schedules are now available for the February and June 2012 LSAT test dates! [LSAT Blog]

* A list of law schools that create the greatest number of law firm partners. [Above The Law]

* Cooley Law School sues anonymous online commenters for defamation. [ABA Journal; Techdirt]

* Should rape victims be allowed to nuzzle dogs for comfort while giving testimony at trials? [NYTimes]

* Some correlation/causation confusion in this article about smoking in the morning. [Gawker]

* Why the LSAT is fun: a new look at an old test [First Call Magazine]

* A mistake in the court records may have caused this man to serve an extra year in jail. [NYTimes]

* Using your friend's Facebook account to pull pranks could be a felony offense. [Above The Law]

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