LSAT Practice: Games and Reasoning Workbook

Whether you've finally run out of actual LSAT PrepTests, or you just want to review the basics as Test Day approaches, I've got a book for you: LSAT Practice: Games and Reasoning Workbook.

You may need some more practice, or you may just want some drills and exercises to help you reinforce the strategies you've learned.

Fortunately, fellow LSAT tutor Jesse wrote this workbook to test your understanding of basic LSAT concepts for the Logic Games and Logical Reasoning sections. And it'll help you review strategies and approaches for each.

Each section of the workbook includes a general review of the topic covered, followed by drills and exercises on that topic to test and reinforce your understanding.

Some of the topics the workbook covers:
  • General approaches and strategies for Logic Games and diagramming
  • General approaches and strategies for Logical Reasoning questions
  • Necessary and sufficient conditions
  • The contrapositive
  • Negation
  • Logical quantities (some, many, most, all, and none)

Get your copy for only $19.97:


Fun Facts:

-This workbook is 82 pages, and you get it sent to your email immediately after purchasing as a PDF. This means you can print new copies of the exercises and drills to redo them for extra practice.

-The instant download link will be sent to whichever email address you submit.


  1. I assumed a blog like this would offer free help, instead it is post after post on where to buy things.

  2. Are the questions LSAC questions? Or are they made elsewhere? If I already have all the pts this might not do me any good.

    (I will say his study schedules are well worth it).

  3. @Anonymous 9/17

    Oh, but I offer plenty of free help! In fact, the vast majority of the hundreds and hundreds of posts on this blog offer free help. Poke around the blog a bit and you'll find them pretty easily (The headings across the top of the blog are a good starting point.)

    I published 4 other posts along with this one last week, and all of them offered free advice and information. That's hardly "post after post."

    Thousands of blog readers have purchased LSAT preparation materials for download through the blog. I'd say there's sufficient demand to continue informing blog readers about new premium materials as they are made available.

  4. @Anonymous 9/20

    Glad you're enjoying the study schedules!

    The drills in this workbook are not actual LSAT questions - they're simply exercises intended to reinforce the concepts reviewed.

  5. This is the best website ever! I have tried everything, but the information just ends up being the same methods. I can't wait to start my study plan!