Law School Admissions Guides

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I want to take a break from LSAT prep to share something with you.

You see, showing the LSAT who’s boss is only one step towards getting into law school. After you get that awesome score back, you still have to actually APPLY!

And, the last thing you want to do is ruin a great LSAT score with a second-rate law school applications.

I have plenty of articles on law school admissions, but I wanted to give you something a little more comprehensive.

So, I partnered with a law school admission counselor to offer two different law school admissions guides.

The first is A Guide to Optional Essays and Addenda. My favorite section is the one titled “Which Statements are Optional, and Why?” I feel like that's at the heart of most students' questions, and the guide only goes into more detail from there.

The second is A Guide to Law School Recommendations covering important areas like  “Balancing the Pool of Recommenders” and “Educating the Educators.” I like that last one because it sounds like a campaign slogan for someone running for class president.
More importantly, it shows you all the ways that YOU can make a difference in how your recommendation letters turn out!

Get both guides at once:

A Guide to Optional Essays and Addenda + A Guide to Law School Recommendations

Or, get just one of them: 

A Guide to Optional Essays and Addenda

A Guide to Law School Recommendations

Want more info on them?

Here's the table of contents of A Guide to Optional Essays and Addenda:

Which Statements are Optional, and Why?
Why is it So Important to Answer General Application Questions?
When is It Helpful to Answer Targeted Questions?
When Should I Include an “Explanation” Statement?
When an Explanation is Required
When an Explanation is Optional
Making the Most of Optional Statements and Addenda
Required Explanation Statements
Optional Explanation Statements
Targeted Optional Statements
General Optional Statements
A Note about Outside Help
Optional Essays and Addenda in a Nutshell

And here's the table of contents of A Guide to Law School Recommendations:

A Note about Evaluations
Choosing Your Recommenders
Assessing Your Prospective Recommenders
Balancing the Pool of Recommenders
Educating the Educators
Recommender Packets
Creating a Compelling Letter of Recommendation
Targeted Letters
Waiving Your Right to Review Letters of Recommendation
Letters of Recommendation in a Nutshell
Appendix A: Sample Thank You/Cover Letter for Recommender Packet
Appendix B: Effective Letters of Recommendation for Law School
Appendix C: Sample Recommender Summary

Other stuff:

-These are PDFs available for instant download after submitting payment via PayPal. You can use Adobe Reader to open the files. 

-If you're already registered with PayPal, the instant download link will be sent to your PayPal email address. Otherwise, it'll be sent to whichever email address you submit.

P.S. These guides paired with Personal Statement Triumph are a lethal combination.


Steve "making sure you have all your bases covered" Schwartz

P.P.S. If you consider how much money you'll make from getting into a better law school...or getting more scholarship money...this is such a tiny drop in the bucket.