LSAT Blog: Media Coverage in NYTimes and Others

Apparently, I wasn't the only one interested in the fact that LSAT tests administered are at a 10-year low.

The New York Times picked up the story the next day, quoted me, and was kind enough to throw in a link to LSAT Blog. The story hit #3 on the most-emailed list. A bunch of other media outlets covered it, too.

Above the Law, the ABA Journal (#1 most-read), the Wall Street Journal, Gawker, Slate, the Atlantic, and Tax Prof Blog all ran stories on the big decline in LSAT test-taking and what it all means. Many of them linked directly to LSAT Blog.

Thanks for all your support. While getting linked by the mainstream media is fun, you guys are the reason I keep running this blog.

Previous media coverage:

* Above the Law picked up my stories on the Law School Admission Council's offer of double-time to a test-taker with ADD and denial of extra time to a nursing mother. (October 2011)

* U.S. News & World Report quoted me in two articles: one titled "Test Prep: 7 Tips for LSAT Success," the other titled "Law Students Rank Their Future." (May 2010 and January 2011, respectively)

* The Columbia Daily Spectator (Columbia University's campus newspaper) quoted me in a front-page article titled "Law School No Longer A Sure Bet" (newspaper version). (January 2010).

* preLaw Magazine quoted me in two articles: one titled "LSAT Prep on the Cheap" (slow-loading magazine version), the other titled "Free LSAT Help - Online" (slow-loading magazine version). (December 2009)

* Ann Levine, a law school admission consultant, quoted me on page 36 of her book, The Law School Admission Game. (May 2009)

 * and Blackbook Legal (a blog run by law students) both interviewed me with general questions about LSAT preparation. (May 2009)

* Both and Professor Lawrence Lessig picked up the final of my series of blog posts on the fact that certain LSAT exams were available to students who took prep courses, but not available to the general public. (May 2009)

* Study Hacks (a blog about being successful in college and graduate school) interviewed me about how not to prepare for the LSAT. (March 2009)


  1. HOLY Smokes! You must be ecstatic about all the coverage!CONGRATS!

  2. Awesome, Steve. You deserve it.


  3. All of your hard work has paid off. When you give unselfishly like you have for years it was only right for you to get a great reward!