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The number of law school applicants has been declining, a trend that I've covered at length. I've hypothesized that it might lead law schools to lower their admission standards, leading to easier admission to top schools.

But what's actually happening this cycle?

LSAT Blog reader Rob writes:
I made a computer program that would download information from LSN [Law School Numbers] and compare last cycle to this cycle, and I thought I'd share the information that I got with you. I thought your readers might find it interesting, so if you'd like to share it, please feel free.
Here's the link
The numbers at the bottom compare the 25th/50th/75th percentiles as they appear on LSN between this cycle and this time during the last cycle. The numbers at the top show the difference between the two. If the number is green, that number has gone down. If it's red, then it has gone up. 
Obviously LSN is a very small sample size but, hey, that's what we've got.

Law School Numbers (LSN) is a website that aggregates user data over the course of the law school admission cycle, provides real-time insight.

I want to caution everyone that LSN relies on user-submitted info and may not be reliable, and it also contains an extremely small sample size compared to the tens of thousands of law school applicants each year.

The most reliable source of information on LSAT and GPA numbers is LSAC itself, which has its own data from every law school applicant. It provides this data in a GPA/LSAT calculator (However, this data may be out of date. It's not going to be nearly as recent as that submitted by users themselves over the course of the admission cycle.)

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  1. I'm unable to see any green...can you please summarize what the numbers show in a sentence or two? thanks steve