LSAT Logic Game Photo Album Video Explanation

I just made a video explanation for the third LSAT Logic Game from LSAT PrepTest 45 (December 2004 LSAT). It's the "photograph album" game (Raimundo, Selma, Ty, Umiko, Wendy, Yakira, and Zack).

I explained all questions in one video that's 11 1/2 minutes. (Get more free LSAT videos.)



For more, see my more-detailed written Logic Games explanations available on the blog.


  1. How is number 13 b? Doesn't b violate the rule, where r can't appear in any photos that Y appears in?

  2. I agree. Then, I was trying to figure out how it would work...I came up with this, Raimundo appears in every photograph that Yakira does appear in and does not appear it. I think it's a tricky rule. If you think about it, the two rules before it requires someone to appear in order for another person to appear, but this third rule is saying, well, whether Yakira is in the picture or not, R can still appear in it. Which then makes sense then that B is the answer.