LSAT Logic Game Motel Operator Explanation Video

I just made a video explanation for the first LSAT Logic Game from LSAT PrepTest 62 (December 2010 LSAT). It's the "motel operator" game (appointments: gas, landscaping, power, satellite, telephone, and water).

I explained all questions in one video that's just over 9 1/2 minutes. (Get more free LSAT videos.)



For more, see my more-detailed written Logic Games explanations available on the blog.


  1. Hi Steve,
    Thanks so much for this explanation, I just have one quick general question. Do you suggest any particular method when dealing with rule substitution questions, like number 6 of this game? Is the only option to run through each letter choice, or is there an approach that might help from the outset (like attacking an answer choice that includes a heavily/minimally limited variable)?

    The LGB doesn't offer any major ideas on how to attack these, so I was hoping you had a hint or two because these questions always take up a decent amount of my time. Thanks so much.

    ps- I bought your premium 3-month study plan and it helped more than I can explain. I send every person who mentions the LSAT to your site. Thanks so much!

  2. I was wondering the same thing! ^^