December 2012 LSAT Logic Game Solution

I just made a video explanation for the fourth LSAT Logic Game from LSAT PrepTest 68 (December 2012 LSAT). It's the "editor articles" game (finance, nutrition, and wildlife).

I explained all questions in one video that's just under 18 minutes. (Get more free LSAT videos.)



For more, see my more-detailed written Logic Games explanations available on the blog.


  1. Great explanation and POE, it helps a lot.

  2. why do you not make another row to keep track of the F/ N/ W attributes? is it because there are no questions about it?

  3. Hi Steve,

    Thank you so much for the video! I have a quick question regarding one of your deductions. It makes a perfect sense that in order for the S-Q -> Q3 rule to work, S is required to be in 1 and Q 3, but I am still not sure why that rule can also deduce when Q is in 3, S is in 1. To me, that seems like a mistaken reversal (meaning the inference is made from Q3 -> S-Q, not S-Q -> Q3). I spent hours on this single game, but it is still giving me so much trouble. I'd really appreciate your input :) Thank you!