Want to take the LSAT in Spanish? Try Puerto Rico.

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Want to take the LSAT in Spanish? You'll have to take it in Puerto Rico, but it's possible.

Here are the details straight from LSAC (PDF, page 8):

For the first time, test takers in Puerto Rico who register for the February 2014 LSAT will be able to choose to take the test in either English or Spanish. This option will be available only in Puerto Rico, and scores for the Spanish LSAT will be reported only to law schools in Puerto Rico. The Spanish version of the test will not be available at any test centers in the 50 United States, in Canada, or in any other location outside of Puerto Rico, and scores on the LSAT are not valid for applicants in Puerto Rico who may wish to apply to any law school outside of Puerto Rico. 
The three ABA-accredited law schools that will accept Spanish LSAT scores are the  Inter American University School of Law, the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico School of Law, and the University of Puerto Rico School of Law. The Spanish LSAT score is optional for applicants to these three schools; all three will continue to accept scores from the English version of the LSAT for applicants to their programs. 
The Spanish LSAT will be scored differently than the English version of the test.

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