Which College Majors Get The Best LSAT Scores?

Professor Derek Muller at Pepperdine University School of Law recently contacted LSAC to find out which college majors get the best (and worst) LSAT scores.

His findings:

He also compiled the LSAT and GPA data and put it all into a handy graph:

Of course, don't choose what to major in solely based on these findings. It's unclear whether majoring in a particular subject leads one to score better on the LSAT, or whether those who are already likely to do well on the LSAT choose certain majors. Perhaps a combination of the two.

Either way, you don't want to be guilty of a correlation-causation fallacy.


Want more? You can compare and contrast with the 2009 results from a different, but similar, study (via TaxProf Blog):


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  2. I just love that Criminal Justice has the lowest average LSAT score. That kills me.

  3. If physics is no longer on a ranking of who has the highest LSAT scores, if the filter size has changed then the number of physics majors taking the LSAT has shrunk from 577 down to some number below 150 (but likely close to 150) in just 6-7 years... I would expect physics to remain within 2-3 points of their 2007 average.

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