Before LSAT Test Day, Upload Photo for LSAT Admission Ticket to LSAC

Starting with the June 2016 LSAT, the Law School Admission Council wants your selfies before Test Day.

Previously, LSAC only required you to bring a photo to LSAT Test Day with your admission ticket. Now, they want to create a database of test-takers' photos.

(For those of you taking the December or February LSATs, remember to bring a passport-sized photo!)

Part of the change is probably for "test security" purposes - after all, people often try to cheat on the LSAT or get someone to take it for them. I wouldn't be surprised if some test-takers have gotten away with it.

However, they also want to print your photo on your admission ticket directly. This is probably because many people forget to bring a photo to Test Day, or bring one that's "unsuitable," like this:

LSAC says, "Head Too Big." I say, "serious eyebrows!"

Anyway, here are the full details from LSAC:

Notice Regarding Uploading Photo for the June 2016 LSAT and Beyond
Effective with the June 2016 LSAT administration, everyone wishing to register for the LSAT will be required to upload a photograph to their LSAC online account during the registration process. The photo will be inserted on the admission ticket, which must be printed out in order to gain admission to the test center. Admission tickets that do not display the uploaded photo will not be accepted on test day. Once a photo has been uploaded, it may be re-used for future tests, and for test date or center changes. In addition to the admission ticket, test registrants must produce a valid government-issued ID in order to gain admission to the test center. 
Registration for the June 2016 LSAT will open in mid-December 2015. Additional details about uploading photos will be available on at that time.

Source: Law School Admission Council website

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