Thousands of students have used LSAT Blog to improve their scores. 

Many have written in to share their experiences and results after using my day-by-day study plansbookscourses, and coaching.

Some even wrote about their experiences in articles I call "LSAT Diaries." Click the links below to read more about these students' stories.


"I just wanted to drop you a line thanking you for your study plan and blog. I started out at a 164 last August; on the December LSAT, I scored a 179. I didn't take a class-- just took test after test after test using your schedule. I'm currently teaching an LSAT class...and am thrilled to get to talk about the LSAT every week. You really inspired me to view the LSAT as a fun challenge instead of a hurdle, which made a huge difference on test day. As I'm compiling my law school applications, I'm so thankful to have that score and I wanted to thank you for helping me get there." - Carolyn H.

"I found that on my second attempt using a day-by-day LSAT study schedule was the most important thing. For the previous exam I had simply given myself tasks that were to be completed by the end of the week. With procrastination kicking in here and there, this method often left me behind on my work...I have seen many speak of a “20 point ceiling”, about how, when it comes to the LSAT you “either have it or you don’t”, but this just isn’t so—and my experience can attest to that." - Dan, improved from 141 to 168 (LSAT Diaries)

"I purchased your three month day-by-day schedule and followed it to the best of my ability while working full time. In the end, I managed to increase my score from 148 to 161, above my target score of 160. Your website, blog posts and responsiveness to my questions was absolutely essential to my success. Thank you so much for doing what you do." - Anthony R. (LSAT Diaries)

"I wanted to thank you for all of your advice and encouragement. I ended up getting a 178 on the September LSAT. Maybe I could have gotten that 180 with more sleep the night before (for all of my confidence the week and day before, the night before I suddenly just couldn't get to sleep from the stress), but I can't complain too much, very glad it's over and ended well. :) ...I ended up putting down a deposit at Columbia Law School. I still recommend your blog highly to all of my friends who are prepping for the LSAT. Keep up the great work, and thanks again for being there with lucid and free recommendations during the stressful days of LSAT prep!" - Andy P.

"I stumbled across LSAT Blog, read through absolutely everything on the site that I could, and decided that his three month study plan was the best for me...nothing seemed as comprehensive and structured as Steve's LSAT study plans." - Brad, 179 (LSAT Diaries)

"I just wanted to thank you for setting up such an amazing site. I never thought I'd be able to kick this test's ass without taking a course, but your site proved me wrong! I started studying for the October LSAT 5 weeks ago. My score has gone from 150 to 168 with room for even more improvement. You made me love logic games and helped my LSAT confidence immensely. Thank you!" - Maggie W.

“I just wanted to let you know that I received my October test results, and I got a 170!!! I'm very happy and relieved. Again, thank you for all of your help- it was a huge gift to have your support and guidance while studying for the LSAT!” – Allison, mid-150s to 170, after tutoring and courses (LSAT Diaries)

"I wanted to take the time to thank you again for your tutoring during my LSAT preparation. I found out yesterday that I have been admitted to Stanford Law School, which is probably where I will be attending this fall. Your lesson material and advice helped me secure the LSAT score I needed to get into one of the best schools in the nation, and during my career I will remember how you helped me get there. Thank you again, and good luck in all your future endeavors." - P.J.

"I'm just checking in to give you a quick law school update. I will be attending Harvard Law in the fall. I just wanted to thank you again so much for your amazing coaching sessions. I know I wouldn't be in the position I am today without all of your help. I've told so many people about your blog and study schedules, I hope it helps! I know I already wrote an LSAT Diary for you, but please don't hesitate to contact me if you ever need a reference in the future." - Amanda L., 160 to 172 (LSAT Diaries)

"Thank you very much for your generosity in the time and energy you spend on this project. I surely wouldn't have been able to increase from 149 to 165 on my retake without your website." - Josh E.

"I started Steve’s 5-month study schedule and within a matter of weeks I was feeling comfortable with linear games...I scored a 158 on my first timed practice test and scored a 172 (99th percentile) on the October LSAT. Putting time and effort into the LSAT will pay off; I was just accepted to my dream school, University of Virginia School of Law." - JT (LSAT Diaries)

"I wanted to thank you for the incredible job that you've done with LSAT Blog. I'm happy to say that I will be attending Harvard Law School this fall, and I attribute a great deal of my success to your website...I started on the 4-month study plan, picked up your book recommendations, put in the requisite hours, and as a result managed to increase my diagnostic score by 12 points. Thanks again for all your hard work. I've recommended your blog to everyone who's asked." - Jim L.

"I was excited because beginning Steve’s 5-month LSAT study plan meant I was taking the first steps towards a new career that I hoped would be more rewarding, interesting, (and lucrative, let’s be honest) than my current job...The key for me was the repetition Steve’s study plan called for...after a fretful three weeks of waiting, I was rewarded with a simple email that arrived a whole day early – "Your February 2011 LSAT score is 174." More beautiful words were never written." - Rebecca (LSAT Diaries)

"Thanks to your 3-month study schedule, I was able to improve my LSAT score from 161 to 172! I am now having my boyfriend do the same study schedule before the June LSAT...I really appreciate all of your help - the daily study schedule was just what I needed." - Katie V.

"I decided to take a few coaching sessions with Steve focusing only on logic games right before my test. The sessions did wonders for my general confidence and competence with games: Steve could switch seamlessly from discussing the nitty-gritty of a specific game to talking about general high-level strategy.

Being so close to the test, I think it was the latter that helped me most — In what order should I attempt the section? If it took me 11 minutes for this game, is that too long? Is this particular in/out question a new trick from LSAC bag, and how best should I prepare for it?  I received a 173 on the October LSAT, and I definitely owe my success to a combination of the well-planned study schedule and our one-on-one sessions.

My LSAT score has saved me $700 in merit-based application fee waivers alone (and I’m writing this even before I’ve heard back from any school about scholarships!)." - Aashim U. 165 to 173

"I just wanted to e-mail saying thanks for your study schedules. I was able to go from a 154 to a 169 on my retake with your 4-month schedule and I am ecstatic." - Andy (LSAT Diaries)

"Balancing work duties with LSAT studies was very challenging. But with hard work and the right resources, I comfortably cleared 170. I will attend Yale Law School this fall. In my preparation, I benefited from LSAT Blog. Steve has an intimate understanding of the infrastructure of the test. Reading his posts, I came to understand the content and “the texture” of the LSAT." - Samson (LSAT Diaries)

"I increased my score over 20 points through self-study and owe a good deal of the credit to you and your blog. Through the blog I found your day-by-day study schedules and that was all the difference in the world. I am so grateful to you because your suggestions, methods and ideologies allowed me to recognize that my score could be improved." - Monique A.

"I bought the 3-month day-by-day study schedule and started plugging away...Completely bombing a logic game and reading the solution put together by Steve was a common scenario for me. As frustrating it was at the time, it was really the only way I was able to improve" - Anthony, improved from 140s to 161 (LSAT Diaries)

"Just wanted to let you know that your schedule helped me organize my time and give me the general sense of direction that I needed desperately...The end result was a 177 looking at me on LSAC today. Thanks again. I'm glad I purchased the schedule!" - Jeff Z.

"I ordered all of the books and prep tests the blog recommended and I started the 3 month study schedule...In the end, I scored a 177, 7 points higher than my average for the PrepTests I had taken. At first I was surprised that I had made such a high score, but in hindsight I realize that I had done a huge amount of preparation." - Jay (LSAT Diaries)

"What you're doing is a complete service to the community, and I'm so grateful that you allowed me to really excel on the LSAT without spending a crazy amount of money or going without a plan. I got a 174 on the June LSAT...It's official. I just got admitted to Harvard Law School. Thank you, Steve! I owe you a great debt!...Steve is a fantastic person and resource for our community, and I want to give him as much good PR as I can. The mere idea that one can avoid a thousand dollar prep course with a $20 study schedule is unreal to me. Actually, the idea that more people don’t take advantage of this is unreal to me." - Ellen (LSAT Diaries)

"My girlfriend really appreciates all of your help and advice. Her range is 170-178. I've been telling her to get a 178. If she doesn't, I'll take away her cereal (fave food) for a week." - Ben F.

"The day I found this blog, I had an epiphany, like when golden angels open up a magic door and they're singing all heavenly and show you the way and you’re like “F*** yeah! Let’s do this!”, except instead of angels and doors and curse words, it was the ability to study by yourself and save that small fortune to save for a new car." - Dave (LSAT Diaries)

"Thank you for all of your help...Even though I ended up not having as much time as I would have liked, your 2-month day by day study plan worked really well for me and I have already recommended it to my friends...Even though I had the worst week ever leading up to the test, I still felt confident because I knew exactly what to expect when I walked into the testing center. From being prepared for the extra strain of the experimental section to not wearing a hoodie into the test, your blog was exactly what I needed, and I am very thankful that I came across it. Wish the guy hyperventilating next to me in Section 3 had the same "LSAT Blog" chill pill I did..." - Allison A., 158 to 171

"I got my LSAT score yesterday and was thrilled to find out that I got a 175. I really want to thank you for all the information you put on your blog and for offering the 3-month-study schedule that I followed...There's not enough I can say to thank you." - Lisa (LSAT Diaries)

"I found your explanations very accessible, and I learned a lot of useful techniques. I am happy to announce that I retook the LSAT in October, where I achieved a score of 170. I am even happier to announce that I was recently admitted to Columbia, Berkeley and Michigan. I will be attending Columbia in the fall. Thank you for your assistance!" - Eric H.

"The 3-month LSAT schedule provided by Steve went up on the wall...My first PrepTest...was a 150...with each timed full test[, I] was pleased to see my scores rising until I pulled a 172." - Lisa (LSAT Diaries)

"I wanted to get in touch to thank you for your work on the LSAT Blog. I just got a 180 on the December exam, and your Logic Games explanations and methods made a lot more sense to me than other methodologies. Thank you! I've also recommended your study schedules to several people, as I modeled mine after your suggested week-by-week schedule for my time frame." - Gavin M.

"After my first distance tutoring session with Steve over the phone, I felt better and began scoring in the 167 – 169 range...A miserable few weeks later, I got my score back; 170. I was thrilled to have set a goal and reached it, and felt more secure for law school. I give much credit to Steve for his guidance and advice." - Peter (LSAT Diaries)

"I would like to thank you for your help with the LSAT. I went from a 146 (30th%) to a 160 (80th%)…Thank you again, you were an amazing help!" - Kelsey L. (after tutoring)

"The LSAT Blog has been an invaluable resource. I purchased the day-by-day 3 month LSAT study plan and it was the best money I've ever spent in my life...Update: I'm now officially accepted at my number one choice - UBC! " Michela F., 148 to 163 (LSAT Diaries)

"I’m sure Kaplan works for some people, but it definitely didn’t for me. I switched to the blog's LSAT study schedules and found that style much more to my liking...if you’re struggling with what plan to use for your study, consider using the schedules to guide you." - Rob (LSAT Diaries)

"I wanted to take a minute again to thank you for your incredible study guide and website. With your 3 month study guide I went from a 157 to a 169 on the December LSAT. With your help and some hard work, I've put myself within the range for all the schools I'm looking at." - Matt B.

"I enlisted Steve as a tutor, and together we worked on my logical reasoning problem areas. Steve helped me to finally realize the difference between Must Be True and Most Strongly Supported questions, how to approach a Sufficient Assumption vs. a Necessary Assumption, etc...I’m pleased to say that I scored a 164...somewhere between 20-24 points higher than my first practice LSAT." - Jared (LSAT Diaries)

"Just wanted to give you a small update. I was offered a spot at UVA Law. I'll be deferring a year and working at a small law firm as a legal secretary and doing research for the Innocence Project. I'm extremely excited, and wanted to offer my thanks once again for all of your help!" - Jacquelyn R. (improved from 152 to 161 after tutoring)

"Right about the time I was contemplating selling out my will to live, I found the LSAT Blog. I bought the 4-month LSAT study schedule and the rest is history. I've gone from 159 to 168." - Jessica (LSAT Diaries)

"I just wanted to write to thank you for the online study guides you have offered! I purchased the 6 month day-by-day study plan in preparation for the February LSAT along with many of the suggested books. I am happy to tell you I was able to raise my LSAT score and was offered admission to the University of Baltimore School of Law and will be starting classes this fall! The program was straightforward and VERY easy to follow. It made a very daunting and overwhelming test "easy" to study for by breaking it down into its smaller bits that were much easier to focus on while still keeping the big picture in mind. Thank you again for this accessible and affordable option when it comes to LSAT prep!" - Annie M., improved from 142 to 160 (LSAT Diaries)

"Just got my LSAT score back. Got a 176. Very happy that I don't have to take the LSAT again. My plan was not to sign up for the expensive ($1,000-$2,000) prep courses, and I had the time, so I went the route of free resources and lots of practice tests over 4-5 months. Started out on the 4 month planYour website was the best free resource I found online. Really the best free resource I found anywhere…What I mean to say is, thank you. I couldn't have done it without your website…I have a phone meeting next week with the head prelaw adviser at Stanford, and I will definitely plug this website if she hasn't heard of it before!" - Max H., improved from 155 to 176 (LSAT Diaries)

"I hadn't even seen a real LSAT before I started studying this March for the June LSAT. I purchased your 3 month detailed study plan and followed it religiously. Using only your guide and your website (and lots of time) I was able to get a 168. I want to say thank you so so much, at first I was skeptical that self-study could get me the results I was hoping for but I exceeded my own expectations! Thanks again for putting together such amazing study materials. I will definitely be referring anyone I know who is taking the LSAT to your website!" - Shiva P. (LSAT Diaries)

"I'm planning on taking the LSAT in February and, thanks to your 5-month prep schedule and study materials, my scores have skyrocketed from the high 150s to low 170s. I know you get this a lot, but your blog really is very helpful." - Liz B.

"What Steve helped me to do was to sharpen my skills so that I could slash right through many games (many in only 5-6 minutes), giving me the extra time I would need in the case of an especially ugly game might appear. He also taught me how to quickly identify the limited placement options that are essential to cracking certain tough games, and also how to know when creating full templates of possibilities is your best bet. It’s probably hard for you to imagine how a tutoring session via telephone would be feasible (before trying it, I certainly did), but it works very well. And the time I spent working with Steve to sharpen my skills was well worth the investment: when I approached my fourth game...I had 18 minutes remaining to complete it." - J (LSAT Diaries)

"I'll be going to Berkeley Law School next year. I'm super-excited. Thanks again for all your help with the LSAT!" - Jesse F.

"Just wanted to say I used your study guide and got a perfect score, so thanks!" - Natalie, scored a 180 (LSAT Diaries)

"I just wanted to give you the good news - I just got my "unofficial score" of 174 from LSAC and wanted to thank you again so much for all your help." - Brianna D. (after tutoring)

This student improved 25+ points after taking my LSAT courses:


"I did what most readers of this blog probably do and selected one of Steve’s LSAT study schedules (in my case, the 3-month schedule)...All in all, I lived and got an awesome score! [165]" - Anna (LSAT Diaries)

Alexandra LSAT 175

"I'm sure your inbox is getting flooded right now, but I wanted to send a quick note of thanks. I had prepared on my own and taken the June LSAT, with a disappointing 158 as the result. I found your blog, purchased the 3 month study schedule, and sacrificed my summer for the October LSAT. I got my score back about an hour ago, and I got a 172. Thank you SO much for all you do. The schedule and the blog were invaluable resources and now many more opportunities are open to me. I'm not exaggerating in the least when I say I couldn't have done it without your help. Thanks again." - Matthew G.

"First, I want to say thanks again for all the resources on the blog. I retook this past June and improved from a to to a 161 in large part due to your schedule and tips…Today I was accepted to Brooklyn off the waitlist due to my new score. They offered me a 75% scholarship, so I'd be paying only 25% tuition. Thanks again for all you do for us law school hopefuls!" - Jimmy F. (LSAT Diaries)

"I can't thank you enough for your website. It is with no exaggeration that I say that the information it offered was absolutely indispensable in helping me to raise my score. I had a 146 and wondered how in the world I would ever raise my score to a number where any school would accept me. I used your advice, downloaded your PDFs, followed your study guides. On 10/25 at 8 p.m, I found out that I had gotten a 164. Your website has been no doubt instrumental in helping me get over the first of what I expect to be many hurdles towards reaching a goal that I will look back on as life-altering. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. (Incidentally, I later burned all those prep materials in celebration!)" - Emily N.

Kate LSAT Success 2

"THE SCORES ARE IN!!!!! I got a 163…THANK YOU SOO MUCH steve, honestly there was a point where I didn't even think I could get past a 157. I'm so excited right now and I'm so happy I contacted you." - Preet G. (improved from 156 to 163 after tutoring)

"I've been working through your Logic Games course, and I really really like it. It's helped me improve so much on my games." - Sammy Z.

"I did end up just going ahead and buying your online Logic Games course. I figured that it would be good value and clear instruction - everything I've seen on your blog has been. I went through the first 12 videos last night and it is very good. In the end it came down to yours and [another course], and your explanations just make more sense to me. Thanks!" - Joanne M.

"Steve’s study guide was the perfect way to familiarize myself with the test and ease into it….I met with Steve and his advice was invaluable. He made something I had struggled with for so long look so easy. He showed me a completely different way of approaching games that would have taken me 10 minutes or more and taught me shortcuts that cut that time in half…I scored perfectly on logic games— and I have no doubt that would not have happened without Steve’s help." - Caroline M., 162 to 169 (LSAT Diaries)

"I was ecstatic to come across the LSAT Blog and what Steve has put together here. Once I found the site, I decided to purchase the 5-month day-by-day LSAT study plan. This plan gives me a chance to plan my week ahead of time, which is perfect for me." - Justin (LSAT Diaries)

"With your help, I got a great LSAT score and am headed to a top 5 law school next year. Keep up the good work and know that myself and others are forever in your debt!" - Kevin L.

"With the help of Steve’s study schedules, my scores and ability in Logic Games is improving dramatically. For example, I started with an overall score in the low 160’s and am now already scoring 170+." - Jeysa (LSAT Diaries)

"I just received my October LSAT score, and am beyond happy with my results. After studying for 5 months straight by following your day-to-day schedule and reading all of your blog posts, I was able to hit my target score of 170 and improve from my previous score by 12 points. This was all thanks to you and I seriously cannot thank you enough...Update: I got into a lot of great law schools thanks to my LSAT score (choosing between attending the University of Virginia at full sticker price, or Minnesota for free). I would not be in this position if it weren't for your awesome prep program and 5 month day-by-day schedule. I have been recommending your blog to every 0L I know. Thanks again for everything." - Jenny W.

"Just wanted to say thank you. I've made breakthrough after breakthrough thanks to your Logic Games course, and all the material you have available. It was all worth its weight in gold, and I truly admire you and appreciate what you are doing! I could not afford a Kaplan course, but even if I could have, I would have been crazy to choose it over your study plans/guides/posts etc.  I will be recommending you to anyone and everyone I know that is taking the LSAT. Thank you again!!!" - Miranda C., improved from 159 to 167 on LSAT retake (LSAT Diaries)

"With self-study and Steve’s LSAT Blog, I realized my potential with a 163 [from 148]." - Michael (LSAT Diaries)

"I love the day-by-day study plan, your blog, and your online course. I've dabbled with Kaplan before and this works so much better for me." - Cheryl H.

"I wanted to let you know that I ended up getting in to the University of Michigan Law School from the waitlist in July. Thanks for your help!" - Joe G.

"Steve’s blog was a great tool for staying on track, if the worst happens and I have to retake the test, I’ll definitely be adopting one of his LSAT study schedules (probably the 6-month one) as a means to keep me on track. I’ve read the blog obsessively and it’s helped me feel like I know the test. The LSAT and I are frenemies, and I’m a pretty competitive person – I like to win." - Katherine (LSAT Diaries)

"Your blog is excellent - really, I think the best one out there by far. You offer a perspective that is fun and light on a subject that fills many people with fear and anxiety while still offering quality advice and explanations. I studied on my own without a class. I started in the low-mid 160's and brought my test scores up to my goal in the 170's. No matter what, I'm really gratified that I was able to study on my own and raise my score to reach my goal. I don't think I could have done this without the key tips and advice you gave in your blog." - Monica

"I've taken your entire Logic Games course. First of all, thanks for a great learning experience. I feel much better prepared than I did before I started." - Nathan Y.

"I simply could not have done what I did without Steve’s blog. It gave me the resources I needed to embark on this journey alone. I took the administration in October, and this time scored a 164, and I’ll take it! Thank you Steve for your tireless work, your response to e-mails when you have never even met me nor received much money from me, and your passion for the LSAT. Your blog has truly been an asset." - Anne (LSAT Diaries)

"I'm heading to UVA Law in the fall, and had offers from Cornell and Northwestern, among others. Your day-by-day schedule is the only tool that I used to prepare for the test so I am certainly in your debt!" - Heather M.

"Test score came back a month later, 160. I was happy. Here is my advice for all of you:...Get an LSAT study plan from Steve and simplify your life." - Ricky (LSAT Diaries)

"I love your game videos. They helped me more than any book I ever bought on the LSAT games. A few months ago I bought [another online LSAT prep course] online. It cost me hundreds of dollars for 8 months…I find myself using your videos more often than theirs. My question is, are you planning to put videos of RC or LR? I know I would purchase your prep course over any other prep course." - Angela T.

"Thanks again for having such an amazing blog. I feel sorry for the kids writing their LSATs who haven't come across LSAT Blog." - Omer A.

"I used Steve’s 2-month LSAT study schedule. I read most of the blog posts on this site before I took about 16 timed practice tests over the course of three weeks...In the end, it was worth it. I was accepted to Boston University, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, and Fordham University by November and December, while many of my peers who studied less intensely were waiting to re-test or simply settled with mediocre results." - Danielle, 166 (LSAT Diaries)

"Steve's day-by-day study schedule helped me organize not only my studying time but my life in general in the unstructured world of an unemployed college graduate. I ended up with a 177 and I can definitely attribute the schedule as one of the things that kept me motivated and on-track day in and day out. Thanks!" - Jeff Z.

"I purchased Steve’s 3-Month Day-By-Day LSAT Study Schedule. I have to say, I was conflicted about the purchase. Despite being a military officer, I hate being told how to do something, including studying. However, because LSAT Blog has always outdone the best commercial study guides in terms of efficiency and practicality, I decided to fork over the dough...Definitely worth the purchase; thorough and well-structured, particularly for the majority of us who have the most difficulty with Logic Games. For each day, Steve includes links to his pertinent blog posts according to what is to be studied; this helps mitigate the time you would otherwise spend hunting down each individual post that pertains to that day’s subject." - Derek (LSAT Diaries)

"Luckily, while searching for LSAT study schedules, I found your blog. By tailoring your schedules to suit my specific needs, I was able to develop and effective study plan that paid off. On the October and December LSATs, I scored above the 90th and 97th percentiles, respectively. Your blog was truly a helpful resource in raising my score. Even after I had mastered most of the LSAT material, your blog continued to be useful for improving test-taking strategies, speed, test anxiety, stress, etc. Your blog is probably the most useful free resource for students looking to improve their LSAT scores. Thanks for all your blog has done!" - Curtis S.

"I followed your LSAT six month schedule to prepare for the June exam and received a 178. I definitely don't think it would have been possible without the structure of the program and the extremely helpful explanations, particularly for the Logical Reasoning questions. Thank you so much!!!" - Caroline T.

"Thought I'd let you know that I'm headed off to Washington U in St. Louis this fall.  Pretty excited about that! Thanks again for your help with the LSAT - your site is the future of LSAT prep." - Caleb, 161 to 171 on retake (LSAT Diaries)

"I loved the structure of the schedule. I ended up getting a 170 on the LSAT with only using your schedule. It really helped me get a strong understanding of the different question types. Thanks so much for the schedule! Best money I've ever spent and I think it was much better than wasting over 1k on a course!" - Cindy B.

"Using Steve’s 5-month LSAT study schedule, I dedicated an entire month to dissecting and deconstructing the games by category and then focused on my weaknesses...My speed eventually picked up and I can now accurately solve most sets within 5-8 minutes." - Liz (LSAT Diaries)

"The Logic Games course is going great! Logic Games so far was my biggest weakness but I recently took a PrepTest and received only -6 on Logic Games after going through only a very tiny bit of your course. I want to hit a 165 and I feel your course is the last bit necessary…The course is a great review and also an extreme bargain." - C. T.

"I just purchased the 4 month plan today and recently browsed it before work- it looks like exactly what I need to get started and stay committed. Thank you again for your help." - Ashley M.

"On test day I walked to the testing center and became a logic robot...I attribute this auto-pilot mode to the ordered, thorough preparation I did, as instructed by the 4-month study schedule...[M]y score appeared in my inbox (168!); there were many personal statement drafts; and finally acceptance letters and a scholarship offer from my top school arrived. I credit Steve Schwartz's LSAT Blog with giving me the tools and guidance I needed to make this happen. Thank you so much, Steve!" - Danielle (LSAT Diaries)

"Just want to thank you for all your help. We did a tutoring session a few months back and I've been using your materials for a year+. I was accepted by the U of Alberta! I am also much quicker at picking out arguments and am just a better reader overall." - Lorraine S.

"My initial diagnostic would've been somewhere in the low 150s (never took a proper timed diagnostic) First timed exam after going through LG bible was 162. Test day score 171. Your blog and success stories helped me through the bleaker moments of the process. Thank you!" - Xavier (LSAT Diaries)

"I used Steve’s LSAT study schedules, which gave me the structure and guidance I needed." - Rebecca, improved to 170s on PTs (LSAT Diaries)

"I was in utter shock when I received an email from the LSAT Blog saying that you created a course specifically designed for the Logical Reasoning section! I'm in a library as I type this and I'm suppressing major feelings of jumping for joy!…Thank you sooooooo much for all that you do for LSAT test-takers. I felt completely lost during the beginning of the summer but your blog was like the light at the end of a tunnel - it's given me immense hope! It really has paved the way in helping me prepare for this tsunami of an exam. I made the mistake of putting valuable time into a Kaplan online course and wasted two months! Your blog speaks volumes about you, your personality, and your genuine interest in wanting to help others. What I really mean to say is... you're a lifesaver!" - Sadaf C.

"Your blog is amazing. I wish I had stumbled upon it earlier. Implementing even a small bit of your advice has helped to improve my score on practice tests in a relatively short period. Although I am currently scoring in the upper 160's, I've decided there is an opportunity, through information in your blog and delving into the additional resources you provide, to potentially launch into the 170's by October. As such, I've decided to postpone my examination until then, which gives me ample time to try your 4 month day-to-day premium study schedule. Thank you, Steve, for the wealth of knowledge you made available to me." - Gabriel P.

"I wanted to sincerely thank you. Your day-by-day guide is so very helpful. It's easily digestible, straightforward and not overwhelming. I've made LSAT Blog somewhat of a home over the past few weeks, returning to it like a bumper rail in bowling: one day, with its help, I'll face the gutter ;) I do, again, greatly appreciate what you've made of LSAT Blog. It's wonderful." - Ken R.

"I did the video courses before deciding if I needed tutoring, and the LR course (one I was focusing on) bumped me up from 167 average to 172 average over 2 weeks…I pulled a 179, 177, and 172 this weekend. Your videos have helped a ton! Thanks for all you do!" - Travis C. (LSAT Diaries)

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