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Below, you'll find a bunch of free Logical Reasoning resources I've put together. You'll find things like study plans, articles, categorizations, explanations, and more.

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Free Logical Reasoning tips

Free examples of LSAT logic in real life




Free Logical Reasoning tips:

Study plan for Logical Reasoning articles

Read question stem or stimulus first?

Should you diagram LSAT Logical Reasoning?

Logical Reasoning vocabulary words

"Except" "unless" "until" and "without" mean...

LSAT numbers: all, most, several, many, some, none

Words indicating sufficient / necessary conditions, and time

Logic | necessary vs sufficient conditions

Necessary and sufficient conditions

Formal vs. informal logic

Logical Reasoning spreadsheet

Formal logic inference questions

Inference questions and the contrapositive

Most strongly supported questions

Necessary assumption questions, negation test, and must be true qs

Difference between necessary & sufficient assumption questions

Arguments and contrapositives | necessary and sufficient assumptions

Sufficient assumption questions

Sufficient assumption questions | tips and categorization

Sufficient assumption questions and the negation test

5 steps to solving strengthen questions

5 steps to solving weaken questions

List of common Logical Reasoning flaws/fallacies

Parallel and parallel flaw questions

Logical Reasoning question types: a new approach

Necessary assumption question: the rattlesnake folktale

Negating conditional statements

7 Logical Reasoning tips and tricks

How I learned to stop worrying and love Logical Reasoning

How to ace Logical Reasoning | 7 habits

Conditional reasoning: contrapositive, mistaken reversal, mistaken negation

Logic Made Easy | interview

List of difficult LSAT Logical Reasoning questions

The Logic of Real Arguments by Alec Fisher | excerpt

Informal Logic by Douglas Walton | excerpt

Fundamentals of Critical Argumentation by Douglas Walton | excerpt

Media Argumentation by Douglas Walton | excerpt

Logic: neither necessary nor sufficient

Logical Reasoning flaw questions with the same argument

2 tough Logical Reasoning flaw questions

5 hardest Logical Reasoning questions, explained

Sample Logical Reasoning questions

15 common Logical Reasoning Topics

Free examples:

LSAT logic in real life | list of examples


LSAT Logical Reasoning cheat sheet

LSAT Logical Reasoning guide

LSAT Logical Reasoning checklist

LSAT Vocabulary Builder

LSAT Logical Reasoning PrepTest explanations