December 2009 LSAT | Questions and Answers

LSAT Blog Questions AnswersThe December 2009 LSAT is rapidly approaching - only 7 weeks remaining. What would you like to see on the blog between now and then?

Please leave your questions for me (and for each other) in the comments, I'll do my best to answer as many of your questions as possible in future blog posts between now and December 5th.

Quick request: please leave a name rather than posting as "Anonymous." It makes it easier for everyone to respond to specific comments. Thanks!


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  1. A lot of people underperform on test day because they are overcome by anxiety and nervousness (it is, after all--a very important test). However, too little stress can also affect performance because adrenaline can help keep your mind alert. What do you suggest to be some good ways that a student can manage the balance between these two? I'm taking the LSATs for the first time this December and plan on sending my applications out when the score come back...I'm also hearing a lot of horror stories about people taking it multiple times before they were accepted into ANY it's all making me a little bit more nervous than I feel like I need for the sole purpose of doing well on the test. Help!

    Thank you!

  2. Hi. I am averaging 160 on LSAT now. What should I do in the next 20 days so that my avaerage is 170.

    Thanks much. Ila

  3. I see that you have a 1-month and a 3-month study schedule posted on the blog, and even though the December LSAT is slightly less than 2 months away, could you post a 2-month study plan?

    Thanks so much for this magnificent blog!


  4. I second Paige's request, can you please do a 2 month study schedule for someone that hasnt started yet. Thank you!

  5. Re: 2-Month Schedule

    Just finished it. I'll post it next week, but if you email me, I'll send it to you sooner.

  6. I do have a request: would it be possible for you cover LSAT information for non-native speakers as well? I know American citizens are the big majority in the LSAT game but there is also a very small percentage of the exam takers are actually from other countries.

    Any admission info for us the small group would be welcomed. I will be keeping an eye on your blog.

  7. Could you possiblely go over the set up for last logic game in LSAT Preptest 57 ( June 2009 LSAT)
    Q)18-23. Their is barely any room to set up the game and I was very confused even how to approach this one.

    And strategies for comparative passages in the reading comprehension section, such as the 4th section on p.34 on PREPTEST 57

  8. never mind the comparative passage, i found it on your blog, but i would be very greatful if you went over the last logic game on pg.13 on preptest 57

  9. Hi Steve,
    I really like the blog, did all your free logic games. I didn't do a prep class or anything like that, but I did get ahold of all the old tests and did most of them. I got a 170 on the September exam, but got 6 wrong on logic games. That's more than I got wrong on the entire rest of the test, and I thought that I had pushed LG to -3/4 at WORST. I'm trying to decide whether or not to retake- any thoughts? How does it look if I actually drop in my second LSAT? Any thoughts?

    Thanks again for the blog, really helped me.

  10. hello,
    I have been reading your blogs for months as I was preparing for the September LSAT. I got my score today and it was way lower than what I was getting in my practice exams--there is about a 10 point difference. I think test anxiety got the best of me, not lack of preparation. What do you recommend as far as taking the test in December? I read your blog on retakes, but I'm still undecided--many have said Dec is just too late. I have not studied at all since taking the september test and I am currently balancing a full school schedule and part-time work.

  11. I'm in the same boat as a lot of September test takers - I just didn't do as well as I had hoped or expected. I'm scheduled to retake in December and am armed with an arsenal of studying prep materials. But my only concern is applying as soon as the December results come in - will I be too late in the rolling admissions period?

  12. Hey Steve,
    Thank you so much for everything you do here in your blog! I've been following your 3-month study schedule, but I've fallen a little behind with illness, so I look forward to the 2-month guide.
    I've just about finished the logic games portion of your 3-month guide (I've completed the LG Bible and the problems in the preptests). What advice do you have if there are still some games that I just DON'T get? Sometimes I get discouraged studying because I feel like there's no use just going through the motions if I don't understand what I'm doing. I take notes throughout the lessons, and have reviewed sections that give me throuble, and I just don't know where to go from there!
    Thanks again for EVERYTHING! You are the man.

  13. What do you think about skipping around the section versus doing it in order? On the logical reasoning part, should I try to find the questions I do best at, and then go back to the ones that are harder? What about the other 2 sections?

  14. Does anyone have the answer sheet for the SEPT O9 test form #S9LSN81? I cancelled my score and got a copy of the answers that I made, but would really appreciate the chance to see what the correct answers are supposed to be.

  15. Steve: Any tips for Most Support questions?
    Thanks, Tammy in San Diego.

  16. @Wei W. - This is a very important question, and I'm glad you asked it. I covered a ton on preparing for Test Day in LSAT Test Center Problems | How To Prepare For The Worst. I will definitely cover the issue of managing Test Day stress as well.

    @Ila - Review weak areas and practice, practice, practice. Any specific questions?

    @Ashli - I'd be glad to do a post for the non-native speakers. Any specific questions you'd like me to answer?

    @Sonic Dee - I usually don't explain specific LSAT questions on the blog for a variety of reasons, so I probably won't end up explaining this one. Sorry. However, I'm happy to explain any question you like in private tutoring sessions. Please feel feel free to contact me for more information.

    @Anonymous - glad you're enjoying the blog, and congrats on the 170! A 170 with -6 on LG is *especially* impressive. Whether you retake or not depends upon amount of time available to study for a retake, your GPA, and the schools that you're looking to attend. Check out LSAT vs. GPA for more info.

    @Jenny - Sorry to hear about the September exam. If work is keeping you too busy to adequately study for the December exam, you may want to retake it in Feb 2010 or June 2010 and apply to begin law school in Fall 2011.

    @Jenny and bridget - The December LSAT is not early in the cycle, but it's not too late, either. However, February 2010 is on the late side for those applying to start in Fall 2010.

    @nicoley - Glad you're enjoying the blog! Sorry to hear that there are some games that are frustrating you. If there are some games you just don't get despite putting in a lot of time, you may want to form an LSAT study group or hire a tutor to help you with these games. Feel free to email me for more information about in-person and/or distance tutoring.

    @M - if you have to skip questions on LR and come back to them, that's fine. In LR, questions 15-21 tend to be the hardest, so you may want to save those for last. Within a Logic Game or RC passage, I generally recommend doing the questions in order.

    @Tammy - I plan to cover Most Support questions soon.

  17. Hi Steve,

    A friend of mine took an Logic class in college a few years ago and said it was really helpful with translating sentences into conditional statements, formal logic chains and their contrapositives. I am now preparing for the LSAT. Do you recommend taking a Logic class in order to build a solid foundation for studying?

  18. Hi Steve,

    While I seem to be pretty accurate when it comes to answering questions on the LSAT, I am having a great deal of trouble with timing. Do you have any strategies to help me improve my speed during the test?

  19. Can you explain the answer to question #15 in Prep Test 16, Section 3? It is a (flawed) parallel reasoning question about tulips in a garden. Tricky question!

  20. I see you have posted a 3 month and a 2 month schedule for studying for the LSAT, how about a 1 month? I just found this site so I'm behind on some of the conversations.


  21. hey,
    im really trying to get prepared for the LSAT, but im so nervous i'm finding it hard to concentrate. On thing that i am happy i did is take up philosophy as a minor, because those logic games were a daily chorse in class for the last 3 years. im also graduating in december... n i did it in 3 1/2 years, so im so busy, but i am still trying to make the time i need for the LSAT. I haven't taken a complete practice test yet, so im not sure what my score is, and i dont have a lot of money so what would be your best advice for my current situation.... im scared to death of this test!!

  22. Hi Steve,

    I took a Powerscore course(I know, I'm weak :( ) for the September exam but switched to Decem and it comes with 19 Prep Tests and tons of real LSAT questions (which is really the only reason I took it) was wondering if there were any specific Prep Tests or materials that you think is absolutely vital that I should get/look at? Things like your 7 Logic Games post, that really helped. It would be great if you had something like that for LR or RC. And as always thank you so much for everything on this blog, you are a man above all men :)

  23. @Elena - A logic class is helpful, but not necessary. It goes into far more detail than you need for the LSAT.

    @Wallis - I have some tips on this in How to Speed Up on Timed Practice Exams.

    @M - Sorry, but I'm not able to explain individual questions. Writing an explanation of any LSAT question takes a great deal of time. I offer LSAT tutoring for a living, so my students' needs and questions must take precedence. I also write blog posts each week, which will help everyone who reads and subscribes to the blog.

    If you'd like tutoring, please email me, and I'll send you more details. Thanks for understanding.

    @Laura - I already have a 1-month study schedule on the blog.

    @Brittani - Don't be nervous! The philosophy course will definitely help. YOu didn't mention when you're planning to take it, but check out the book recommendations and a sample study schedules. There are lots of free PDFs linked in the book recommendations, and it's definitely possible to self-study for this exam, so you don't need to spend a ton of money. Good luck!

    @Fariha - You're very sweet! I don't have similar lists for LR and RC like the one I have for LG. There are significantly fewer types of LG than there are LR or RC.

  24. I am taking the test Feb 2010 for the first time, and I am reading all these posts that say that the Feb test is much more difficult than the other ones.
    Is this true?

    Thank you I.S