Law School Personal Statement Tips

Law School Personal Statement TipsMy LSAT students often ask me to read over their personal statements.

When giving feedback, I try to place myself in the position of the admissions committee. I look to see whether the personal statement answers the following questions:

1. Do you have the discipline, focus, stamina, and commitment to successfully complete the law degree?

2. Do you take initiative and have a proven aptitude for self-motivation?

3. Have you demonstrated the ability to work under difficult conditions or through obstacles, hardship, or other distractions that might arise and potentially hinder progress in law school? (It’s not required, but share your story if you have.)

4. Do you have long-term plans (even though such plans can and probably will change more than once during your time in law school) that require a law degree? Do you aspire to become a leader in society and/or in the chosen specialty (again, even though the current chosen specialty might change)?

5. Have you become involved in extracurricular activities because these opportunities have supplemented the college/post-college experience and/or strengthened leadership abilities, rather than just making you look busy and providing padding for a law school application?

6. Why are you interested in this particular law school, rather than the many other excellent schools out there?

7. What will you offer this particular school that they wouldn’t get if they selected someone else instead?

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  1. Would you be able to look at my personal statement? Do you have time I would be honored if you could. Thanks Steve

  2. For those that haven't I recommend attending the LSAC Forums if you have the chance. They're free and the panels can provide excellent advice for the admissions process, not to mention answer questions that may be specific to your particular profile.

  3. Hi Shavonda,

    Unfortunately, I can't offer free personal statement reviews. Just about everyone reading the blog is applying to law school, and I'd be inundated with requests!

    Thanks for understanding.


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