LSAT Diary: LSAT Score Increase Without LSAT Prep Courses

This installment of LSAT Diaries comes from Annie, who improved from 142 in 2009 to a 160 on her February 2013 LSAT retake after using my 6-month day-by-day LSAT study schedule!

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Thanks to Annie for sharing her experience and advice!

Annie's LSAT Diary:

I, like many of you, have known I wanted to go to law school for a long time. The only thing standing in my way was the LSAT. I am a terrible standardized test taker, nervous isn’t even the word for how they make me feel. They terrify me.

I originally took the LSAT in 2009 and completely bombed it, we’re talking a 142 here folks. It was depressing. I decided I would get my Masters instead and began focusing on that. After completing my MA in Criminal Justice I decided to give the LSAT one more shot, but this time I would get some help. I started looking at all of the test-prep classes out there and holy cow are they expensive!! I started to really rethink taking the LSAT at all. Clearly I needed guidance when it came to studying for the test, but how on Earth are you supposed to be able to afford these things? I mean I have a house, and dogs, and a car to pay for!

After searching for a while, I found gold. I found the LSAT Blog! I read all of the posts, and then I purchased the 6-month day-by-day LSAT study program, bought some of the books and started in on my studies. I tend to obsess when I am involved in anything that resembles an academic program so this guide was exactly what I needed to keep me focused.

I realized that you have to look at the LSAT like a mosaic; the big picture is impressive, but you also have to focus on the tiles that make the picture. I followed the program faithfully, took entire Saturdays to do practice tests, focused, refocused, and then studied some more. I took particular care with the logic games. I despise math, and they just made me think of word problems without numbers. Way to scare the pants off of me! More than that I really don’t care who Sally sits next to in class, nor do I know why that is relevant to my ability to study law.

In February, the test day came, and the butterflies were on a rampage in my stomach. I opened the test book and began. Once the test was over I was exhausted, but I was done. I did not want to make any guesses on how I did. I was nervous; I had my applications to my schools completed except for the score. I waited anxiously for my score to come in; I was sitting on the couch when I heard my phone tell me I had an email. I checked it and BAM there it was, a 160! That’s right, an acceptable score that’s not terribly embarrassing!!

Fast forward a few months and I sit here writing this diary with a letter of acceptance from my first choice school hanging on my refrigerator. I will be attending a part-time evening program, and will be working during the day. I have a long road ahead of me, but it will be well worth it in the end.

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  1. great job. i am farrah.
    paralegal by trade.


    i m aslo friend of a friend,who score on L.S.A.T. test
    last june around 143 or 144,and he is now happily going to a nice law school,he did not care about a FANCY TIER 1 since he is 15 yrs.STRONG in own law research biz,and independent contractor,paralegal hire work,so that along with
    his lower score of 143/144 was enough for 5 law schools in
    vermont,(only 2 yrs of law school,etc. bar short time in the vermont law school accepted him,and 2 in CALI,one here in new jersey/ny tri-state,and he rarely study but did more with LOGICAL REASONING BLUE BOOK than Logical Games
    and only study LG for 1 month or less,but yet score 143 or a 144.No regrets he would have got higher score,studying more,he said who knows,the main thing was getting himself
    IN any law school accredited,etc.and he did that,so rest is smooth sailing,as he will open his own firm,has clientele arm long per month,week already for paralegal work amazing.
    he just need the bar pass to represent he is happy.