LSAT Study Schedules

Study Schedules That Give You A Plan (and let you avoid $1,000+ courses)

"I found that on my second attempt using a day-by-day LSAT study schedule was the most important thing." - Dan, 141 to 168

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Preparing for the LSAT is confusing.

There are dozens of prep books and practice tests out there, and 1,000+ articles on this website.

When, and how, should you use them all?

These study schedules give you a plan:

1-Month LSAT Study Schedule (Weekly / Daily)

2-Month LSAT Study Schedule (WeeklyDaily)

3-Month LSAT Study Schedule (WeeklyDaily)

4-Month LSAT Study Schedule (WeeklyDaily)

5-Month LSAT Study Schedule (WeeklyDaily)

6-Month LSAT Study Schedule (WeeklyDaily)

7-Month LSAT Study Schedule (WeeklyDaily)

Retake LSAT Study Schedule (Weekly: Moderate / Weekly: IntenseDaily)

(If you need advice on when to do everything for your law school applications, check out the detailed guide I've made for those, too.)

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