Below, you'll find a bunch of free law school admissions resources I've put together. You'll find articles about the law school personal statement, resume, letters of recommendation, strategies to maximize your chances of admission, and more.

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Free book of personal statements

Law school application tips

Choosing a test date


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Free book of personal statements:

10 real law school personal statements | free book

Law school application tips:

Law school personal statement tips

More law school personal statement tips

Even more law school personal statement tips

Writing the law school personal statement

Choosing a law school personal statement topic

Making the law school personal statement personal

Law school personal statement goals

Law school application resume tips

Law school application weaknesses: addendum or personal statement?

Law school applications: diversity statement and addendum tips

Law school applications: character and fitness, and addenda tips

Law school recommendation letter tips

Law school recommendation letter advice

Law school recommendation letter difficulties

Educating law school recommenders

Law school fee waiver list

Law school application deadlines list

Law school regular decision dates

Public law school residency tuition info

Law schools facebook, google you to find dirt

Choosing a test date:

February vs. June LSAT

June vs October LSAT

October vs. December LSAT

December vs. February LSAT

When is the best time to take the LSAT?

(More on this in my list of Test Day blog posts.)


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University of Michigan

Cornell Law

Linda Abraham

Stefanie Arr

Michelle Fabio

Anna Ivey

Ann Levine

Thane Messinger

John Richardson

Jenny Maxey

Other free resources:

Deciding whether to go to law school

Should you go to law school?

Law school selection and prep advice

Pre-law podcast video series

Top law schools guide PDF

LSAC's Official Guide to Law Schools

Choosing a law school using U.S. News rankings

2012 U.S. News law school rankings released

U.S. News rankings articles

More U.S. News rankings articles

How to boost your college GPA for law school admissions

Law school admissions index: LSAT vs. GPA ranking

Applying to law school with disabilities | documents

New LSAC law school application: FlexApp

Paying for law school video from LSAC

Deciding where to apply to law school video

LGBT law school application video from LSAC

Law school employment numbers database

Law school class of 2010 employment data


Who applies earliest in the law school admission cycle?

Baylor Law emails LSAT scores / GPAs of admitted students

True Life: I'm in the Baylor Law email

Will some law schools close? | video

Cooley Law founder still paid 6-figure salary | why?

India's law school bubble

The 14 worst law schools (based on employment statistics)

Rutgers Law takes GMAT scores

GPA, LSAT data shared between LSAC, ABA

Want to take the LSAT in Spanish? Try Puerto Rico.

Trends / data (lots of graphs): 

Should law schools drop the LSAT requirement? | Interview on HuffPo Live

Fewest LSATs administered in over 10 years

Why are pre-law students losing interest in political careers?

Law school applicant numbers / applications in steep decline

Will law schools' scramble for applicants / rankings turn even uglier?

Will law schools have to admit almost every applicant?

How *much* easier to gain admission to top-14 law schools?

Law school applicant numbers continue decline

LSAT test registration fee increase: why?

How will law schools be affected by the LSAT fee increase?

LSAC responds to LSAT fee hike criticism

LSAT requirement may be eliminated

Law school admission deans on applicant numbers

LSAC to seek cash from grad schools

Law school applicant / application numbers update

Law school admission trends: GPA/LSAT

Easier law school admission: LSAT / GPA medians falling


Law School Application Guide

A Comprehensive Guide to the Law School Personal Statement

A Guide to Optional Essays / Addenda and A Guide to Law School Recommendations