2-Month LSAT Study Schedule

Also see the 2-Month LSAT Study Schedule: Premium Day-By-Day Version.

2 months is a bit on the short side, but several of you requested a 2-month LSAT study schedule schedule, so here goes.

I've reviewed all books and PrepTests below in my best LSAT prep books post.

The following schedule is intense, but 2 months is less time than I'd recommend. If work/school/life obligations making anything resembling this schedule too difficult to follow, you'll probably achieve your highest potential score by allowing more than 2 months to study and taking the LSAT at a later date.

For the first 5 weeks of this schedule, I recommend working out of at least 6 PrepTests to build a strong foundation. These PrepTests should be anything prior to the June 2007 LSAT, since I've allocated that exam and the ones after it for full-length practice. They can be any 6 recent LSAT PrepTests. Ambitious test-takers with clear schedules may want to use more than 6 in the first 5 weeks of this schedule.

Month 1

Review my relevant articles on Logic Games and complete this list of Logic Games from PrepTests 52-61 ordered by difficulty during the first 2 weeks.

Note: You may want to use different exams than the ones from 52-61 if you can. Feel free to use games from at least 6 PrepTests prior to the June 2007 LSAT (untimed) after completing the relevant section. You can use my list of Logic Games categorized by type (also see this list) to identify them. Review all games that give you difficulty.

Week 1: Complete Pure Sequencing, Basic Linear, and Advanced Linear games. Review each game that gives you trouble.

Week 2: Complete Grouping: In-Out / Selection, Grouping: Splitting, and Grouping: Matching games. Review each game that gives you trouble. Complete Combination games. Review each game that gives you trouble. Then complete a few timed sections of Logic Games.

Week 3: Review my articles on Logical Reasoning before completing LSAT questions of each type in PrepTests 52-61 using the LSAT Logical Reasoning spreadsheet (untimed). Review all questions that give you difficulty, whether or not you answer them incorrectly. Also complete a few timed sections of Logic Games.

Week 4: Continue work from previous week with additional Logical Reasoning question-types. When finished, complete a few timed sections of Logical Reasoning and a few timed sections of Logic Games.

Month 2:
Week 5: Read my articles on Reading Comprehension and complete several sections of Reading Comp (untimed). Complete a few timed sections of Reading Comprehension, as well as a few timed sections of Logic Games and Logical Reasoning.

For the remaining weeks, use these free Logic Games Explanations, these video explanations, and these other LSAT explanations after completing the relevant exam.

Week 6: Complete 3 recent LSAT PrepTests (timed). Splice in sections from another to simulate experimental sections. Review each exam on alternating days.

Week 7: Complete another 3 recent LSAT PrepTests (timed). Splice in sections from another to simulate experimental sections. Consider using one section to create a 6-section exam for extra practice. Review each exam on alternating days.

Week 8: Complete another 3 recent LSAT PrepTests (timed). Splice in sections from another to simulate experimental sections. (Again, consider using one section to create a 6-section exam). More thoughts on how to simulate the experimental section in this this article.

Finally, rock the LSAT on Test Day.


Also check out my other sample LSAT study schedules and plans.


  1. Its closer to 1.5 months now, but THANK YOU!

  2. You're very welcome!

    I made it a 2-month schedule for 2 main (and related) reasons:

    #1 - 1.5 months is not NEARLY enough time. I've already done a 1-month schedule for those daring few whom, I hope, are studying full-time.

    #2 - Most folks taking it in December have already spent at least a few weeks preparing.

  3. I am currently testing in the 165 area. I have been casually studying for about 2 weeks now. I am shooting for 172+. I am hoping to identify my problem areas over the next few weeks and then to develop strategies to get me to the score that I want. I stumbled upon your blog and it looks great. I will start your two month regimen this week. Thanks for posting!

  4. I have the 10 actual prep tests 7-18 can i use those instead of 33-38? I'm trying to take february lsat and i have less than 2 months but longer than a month.

  5. I posted about the 7-18 i'm gonna try the one month schedule since i have 2 weeks to dedicate fully to it.

  6. How much time each day should I devote to practicing? For this February’s test, I plan on dedicating four hours a day. Will that turn into too much time reviewing for the test, and result into an overload of information?

  7. What about a 4 month plan for June LSAT?

  8. @Alva - four hours a day definitely isn't too much time. Take some breaks as needed.

    @Anonymous 1/29 - Great question. I was actually just thinking about this. I'll do one next week or the following week.

  9. Just a quick comment : The week 5th of 2-Month Study schedule has lesser load as compare to week 8th of 4-Month Study schedule. Any particular reason for this, if I may ask ?

  10. I wouldn't necessarily say it has a lesser load. Week 8 of the 4-month schedule just says complete "several." Whichever schedule you pick, modify as necessary and do what makes the most sense for you. These are just samples.

  11. Hi Steve, do you think 2.5 months is enough time for a 99th percentile score? I'll be starting my studies on Monday, full time. I don't have any other obligations to tend to except the LSAT. I pretty much intend to live inside an LSAT bubble from July 26th up until Oct. 7th.


  12. Please Please Respond To The Above Comment !! I am in the same boat , and I need to know whether I should go for Oct or Dec LSAT. Can you please list pros/cons for Dec LSAT ? Will I be able to make in to Top 20 Law Schools if I'll get 99 Percentile in Dec LSAT ? Or I had to wait till 2012 for my Law Classes to Begin ?

  13. I have the same question as Khan. But i am just starting my preparation tomorrow, i am schedule to take the LSAT in December. the only thing on my agenda is LSAT and it will be my life till the exam day.
    Any suggestions as to what i should expect to score?

    Please Reply.


  14. I am contemplating on taking the October or December lsat. Currently, I am scoring in a 162-165 range for my practice exams. However, I have a strong resume, 2 years of solid work experience/service work, and a high GPA from undergrad. In addition, I only want to go to a top 10 ranking school. Is it in my best interest to postpone and try to break a 170 or take the exam/apply anyways. Should I take the October (apply) and retake it in December knowing that I will only achieve a 160+, but lower than a 170?

    In addition, I have other soft factors and a solid personal statement. Furthermore, I have one canceled June score-b/c I never practiced for the exam. Any help would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!!!

  15. To anyone still hesitating purchasing Steve's study guides/explanations, etc - JUST DO IT!! I have been studying on my own for the last two months but Steve's LG explanations made everything crystal clear! I used to think that ppl who posted that it takes them 4 min to complete a game were geniuses but now I'm within the 5-6min with still 2 months to go!! I catch myself mumbling in the library "Thank you Steve... thank you Steve!"

  16. Steve-

    I have to admit that your study schedules have drastically decreased in quality over the years. I had purchased the 3-month schedule awhile ago and recently purchased the most recent 2-mont schedule. In the 2-month study schedule, you advise to read your blog articles, and "if you have time, consider reading parts of the LRB." Honestly, the LRB contains ESSENTIAL information that most of your blog articles lack. Sure, your blog articles can be used as supplemental material, however the Powerscore books go far into more detail. Additionally, when you move from LR to RCs, you don't even state to take LR under timed conditions! The only time you will take LR under timed condition s are in the LAST week, when you take FULL preptests. HOW IS THAT GOOD ADVICE? If you do NOT take LRs under time conditions until the last week, the one section that appears TWICE on LSATs, how is that beneficial? It isn't. The fact that you state to complete any questions from this list that links to your blog is once again NOT the same as taking it under timed conditions. You are essentially advising to just answer questions, but time, that isn't of essence. I'm sorry Steve but I don't know if you are more concerned about your blog hits, but your study schedule has decreased in quality and it saddens me.

    1. I'm sorry to hear that you feel this way!

      I made a conscious and careful decision based upon feedback from blog readers when I wrote to "consider" reading various parts of the LRB. I found that many found the number of pages in the LRB to be overwhelming. They felt it didn't get to the point quickly enough.

      Others don't have access to the LRB (either because they can't afford it or are located in a part of the world where they cannot easily acquire it) and need to make use of digital resources. You're certainly entitled to your opinion, but not everyone considers it to be a mandatory text, especially when pressed for time.

      Much of what you said after that is incorrect. In the 2-month schedule, the final 3 1/2 weeks of the schedule are primarily about taking timed practice tests, so there is plenty of practice on timed Logical Reasoning sections. I agree that timing is extremely important, which is why I include so many timed practice exams.

      I'm sorry you feel that the schedule has decreased in quality, but it hasn't. I've actually improved it over the years after feedback from blog readers. (Furthermore, I really have no incentive to diminish its quality, even if I wanted to. I'm not sure how making my content worse would improve blog traffic.)

      I hope this clears things up for you, and anyone else who might read your comment.

  17. hi...so I've been studying fr the last 6-8 odd weeks and have gone thru the major material and have mostly the PTs to do...is 8 weeks enough time for me to do well...I just score a 151 on the PT46 and missed 9 questions due to a timing gaffe... I would idealy want something between a 165 to a 170

  18. You say that this schedule will be fairly intense for anyone with any sort of commitment... So do you recommend only adhering to this schedule if you can devote, basically, a 40 hour work week to it?

  19. To your knowledge, has the test changed much since you originally posted this? It's now fall 2015 and I'm looking into study methods.

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